Transforming clinical data into actionable intelligence

We enable businesses of all sizes—from startups to large enterprises to use our revenue cycle management platform and APIs to bring insights out of their healthcare data.


An integrated clinical documentation and medical coding platform

EZDI Revenue Cycle Management Products

Fully integrated platform that gives you the ability to increase documentation and coding specialist productivity upto 45%, while growing revenue from improved case mix and risk scoring.

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Clinical NLP APIs

The most powerful clinical APIs


Easy-to-use, modern clinical APIs that integrate seamlessly into your infrastructure. Trained on more than 7 million real clinical documents to provide cutting-edge accuracy.

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A technology-first approach to clinical content

Advanced AI

We leverage millions of knowledge graph records, deep learning, and machine learning to provide clear code and query suggestions. We’re prepared to lead the next wave of AI in healthcare.

Clinical NLP

Built for coders and documentation specialists to work smarter and faster from day one. Our Deep Learning NLP models guide the best minds in healthcare to navigate a sea of data with confidence.

Knowledge Graphs

Designed for clinical software companies to leverage our clinical NLP in their own solution. It enables training a system to understand physician documentation patterns and interpret clinical content efficiently.


Professional medical coding and accurate documentation.

Staffing challenges

Optimizing staff engagement to avoid overworking your best people.

Incomplete documentation

Improving Clinical Documentation to help physicians process clinical data.

Avoidable denials

Attending to coding errors and payer nuances that slip through the cracks.


Accelerate the speed and quality of your documentation and coding.

25% - 45%

Coder productivity Increase

30% - 50%

Denials Reduction


Return on Investment (ROI)

8% - 10%

Length of Stay Variance (LOS) Decrease

1 - 3 Days

Discharged Not Finally Coded (DNFC) Decrease

3% - 7%

Case-Mix Index (CMI) Increase

Klas Survey

Outperformed competitors in
KLAS survey

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15 years of pioneering new solutions in healthcare

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