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We strive to reinvent the clinical documentation experience for every healthcare professional. Our services assist, augment and impact better outcomes.

About EZDI


Core values

Customer Obsession

At EZDI, customer satisfaction is not an afterthought, it is central to our success. We are obsessed with delighting customers and optimizing our solutions to meet their needs. Every member in the team is invested in finding the best possible solution for our clients. We listen to feedback closely and go the extra mile to help our customers solve their most challenging problems.

Technology Focused

We believe in the future of healthcare, as made possible by EZDI’s innovation. Our Clinical NLP Tools and AI-based technology delivers performance that sets the bar for industry-leading offerings. We are focused on developing secure clinical artificial intelligence. We continuously upgrade our AI capabilities and research new approaches to create meaning out of clinical content.

Business Integrity

We prioritize integrity over profit every time. Our strong values and policy standards help us attract the right employees, and partners. Business integrity is critical to our success, it makes us stronger. Team EZDI strives to serve its customers the best terms, the flexible payment options, without avoiding taking responsibility for solving a problem.

Can Do Attitude

Ability determines what we’re capable of doing. Motivation determines what we can do. Attitude determines how well we do it. We are a company with having self belief, a positive attitude, and confidence in ourselves and our ability. This is driven by a healthy drive to achieve the things that are innovative and valuable to our customers.

Converting Challenges into Opportunity

Challenges come in all shapes and sizes. And they have never stopped us from achieving the right goals for our customers and ourselves. We deliberately shift our focus to unearth and explore the opportunities inherent in any challenge and that has helped our customers and us to move from a state of insecurity, powerlessness, or fear into a state of empowerment, inspiration, and action.

Employee Centric

We have always strived to create a positive employee-centric workplace, which, in turn, creates a customer-centric workplace. At EZDI, our mission is less about “what we do” and more about “how we all achieve it together.” Our core values have been passed down to every single employee, making sure that as people, rather than as employees, we stand united by the common objective of finding meaning in our work.


Humble beginnings

In the year 2004, we started our company providing medical transcription services in a wide range of specialties. Offering high quality services at a reasonable price, opened doors to long-lasting customer relations and exceptional feedback attracting instant referrals. By 2010, we had already transcribed millions of records. Strengthened by our impact, we decided to embark on a mission to build a next-generation clinical NLP engine that supported advanced documentation and coding functions. We devoted the next 5 years translating our vision to reality. Our CAC and CDI solutions launched in 2015, received the same great feedback, delighting early customers with exceptional system accuracy and ease of use.

EZDI Story


Journey so far


Launched a medical transcription company that quickly grew to serve hundreds of clients.


Began work on clinical NLP engine and user interface for coding and documentation workflow.


Launched CAC and CDI solutions with early customers, validating market demand and technology capabilities.


Launched CAC and CDI capabilities for outpatient and ambulatory market.


AGS Health acquires EZDI, Inc.