The Beginning

Since the day of our inception in 2004, Mediscribes/ezDI has focused on providing the best possible user experience using our dictation applications and transcription services.  In 2010, our leadership team set out to build and lead an effective multi-national team that would consistently deliver solutions to help healthcare organizations adapt to and meet radically changing Health Information Management data requirements and workflow. These unique individuals have made it their business to understand your challenges, and have a passion and talent for, plainly, getting things done.

Building Solutions

In collaboration with Wright State University, the India Institute of Technology and Jawaharlal Nehru University, we have engineered our own world-class, award winning Natural Language Processing (NLP) engine and comprehensive medical knowledge base.  We have subsequently released our computer-assisted coding and clinical documentation improvement products called ezCAC and ezCDI. These solutions are designed to simplify medical coding and clinical documentation improvement, increase productivity, reduce denials, and improve revenue cycle management.  Our intuitive and actionable dashboards & reports are designed to replace expensive coding & compliance management tools to easily measure and visualize success.

Our Mission

ezDI helps hospitals reduce and maintain their DNFB at or below 4 days and eliminates their dependence on costly and outdated coding software by automating and optimizing the entire coding workflow – allowing CDI staff, coders and auditors to work together in perfect unison on a single platform. Some benefits of partnering with ezDI are:


Real-time visibility into organizational, financial and productivity metrics.


A HIPAA compliant cloud solution; No onsite hardware, no VPNs for remote coders, or outsourced coding/audit services – absolutely ZERO IT ongoing support required.


Enable deeper collaboration between physicians, CDI, HIM and revenue cycle. Leadership has a front row seat to observe the entire Coding work flow for quality and reimbursement.


Coder productivity, factors impacting DNFB and CMI, DRG reconciliation, as well as POA, SOI and ROM analysis, CDI coverage, CDI impact on accuracy severity and reimbursement, query aging, physician response time and acceptance ratio.

Management Team

Chetan Parikh

Chief Executive Officer

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Vatsal Ghiya

Co-founder &
Chief Marketing Officer

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Prof. Amit Seth

Executive Director, Kno.e.sis Center; LexisNexis Ohio Eminent Scholar, Wright State University

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Board of Advisors

Blake Whitney

Co-founder, CEO and Chairman of MDdatacor and the first president of WebMD

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Rashid Desai

Chief Technology Officer of
Open Solutions

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Selvam Velmurugan

at Groupon

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Dr. Pushpak Bhattacharya

Director IIT-Patna and Chair Professor of Department of Computer Science and Engineering at IIT-Mumbai

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Neil Shah

Chief Innovation Officer

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