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E and M Coding

Professional Coding (Pro-fee) is so complex that it just makes sense to use the AI-based Computer-Assisted Professional Coding Calculator and Software. EZDI’s AI-based Professional Coding software helps you move quickly through the history, examination, and medical decision making components.

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If you’re coding based on time or need to report critical care services, this tool has tabs for that, too. We even include CMS Professional Coding Documentation Guidelines and tips to make Medical Coding more manageable.

The result?
You’ll add order to the Professional Coding criteria chaos and feel more confident in your Codes selection.

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You know that finding the right E/M level helps ensure accurate reimbursement for the evaluation and management services that make up a large part of your organization’s income. But don’t forget that reporting the correct Professional Medical codes also supports accurate Professional Coding benchmarking and leads to less stressful audits.

Take advantage of EZDI’s AI-based Computer-Assisted Professional Coding Software to streamline your Professional Coding workflows and revenue.

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Top Features

Software with a difference
Automated & Accurate code suggestions with audit trail
Make our customers heroes
One-click coder validation and code acceptance
Comprehensive reporting
Collaborate across teams with Coding, CDI, Physicians, and HIM
Clinical NLP
No onsite servers - Faster deployment, and Virtually zero downtime
EZDI assurance
Geographic redundancy to provide 99.99+% system uptime

With EZDI’s Computer-Assisted Professional Coding software, it's become easier to enhance coding accuracy, efficiency, and productivity because physicians and coders are empowered to make faster, better-informed coding decisions that simplify and streamline the Professional Clinical Coding process.

Why EZDI over other Companies

Advanced AI
We are Small but Smart
Clinical NLP
We are Customer-centric before Revenue-centric
Take moonshots
We are Agile (in terms of use of the latest technology), Aligned (with your challenges), and Adaptable (to your needs and government regulations)
Risk Adjustment
We are Born-in-the-Cloud, so we are not cheap but Cost-effective
Quick Turnaround
We are Genuinely a SaaS (software as a service) company so NO UPGRADE or UPDATE COST
Business Integrity
We are Techie by profession but a human being by Heart so NO IVRs, Trouble Tickets, Submit A Case when you need us


15 years of pioneering new solutions in healthcare

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Only AI-based Computer-Assisted Coding Software that supports the needs of Physicians, Physician Groups, Hospitals, and Health Systems.

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