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5 Definite Reasons To Integrate Transcription With EMR System

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Medical transcription business has reached a new milestone with the integration of eMR. In this article; we look at different reasons to integrate transcription services with eMR system.

With the emergence of Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system; there was a big question mark over the medical transcription industry. But with the synchronization of both these processes medical practitioners have been able to save lot of time, increase productivity and get accurate documentation in a timely manner. Let us now look at some of the reasons to integrate transcription with eMR system:

  • Quick and efficient output: Medical practitioners are usually busy in their clinics/practices so they do not have time to type patient’s notes into eMR system. Hence; dictation systems helps medical practitioners in saving time and directly integrates the transcribed document in eMR system. This enables the doctors to keep up the pace with their productivity rate.
  • Synchronization with eMRs: eMRs have significantly reduced the workload of medical transcriptionists. With the help of the software the transcribed documents can be directly inserted in the eMR of the respective medical practitioner by using Discrete Reportable Transcription (DRT). eMRs are meeting the “meaningful use” requirements, and a complete and accurate patient visit record is being recorded.
  • Generates profit: It becomes quite cumbersome for the medical practitioners to stop typing into eMR during each patient visit. This results in reduced patients which ultimately reduces the profit. Using a lucrative dictation system, medical practitioners can continue to see more patients thereby increasing the profits.
  • Decreases data-entry costs: Medical practitioners cannot be used for data-entry tasks. They are too good of a resource to be wasted on data-entry tasks. If you hire an in-house medical transcriptionist you need to pay salary and benefits. Voice recognition systems are too costly and show a higher error rate than a human transcriptionist.
  • Accuracy of information: If the medical practitioners type their own notes it can lead to higher error rate. Usually they have to shift from one appointment to another which can affect the accuracy of the notes. Also there are times when medical practitioners use copy-paste or copy-forward function on eMR which results in inaccurate information being stored on patient’s record.

With the amalgamation of eMR with Medical Transcription business it becomes very easy for Medical Practitioners to conduct their day-to-day activities. A global medical transcription company exploits the services of eMR in an expertise manner; and gets the transcribed documents done in a quick time.

Hardik Kevadiya

Hardik Kevadiya

Hardik Kevadiya is a Senior Manager, Business Development and Marketing at EZDI, Inc. - an AGS Health Company. Hardik is passionate about Healthcare Information Technology and Innovations - Innovations that enhance human lives. He is also a healthcare trend and news follower, his passion for helping Healthcare IT professionals in all aspects of online trends and research flows through in the expert industry coverage he provides. In addition to writing for EZDI, Hardik also mentors a team of Data Analysts and Marketing professionals.

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