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8 Definitive Skills Required in Medical Transcriptionists

Medical transcriptionists need to have certain key skill-sets to be successful in medical transcription domain. In this article; we look at distinct skill-sets required by medical transcriptionists in medical transcription business.

Medical transcription business is expanding on a daily basis. We are already seeing a lot of demand for specialized services of medical transcriptionists in the market. There are several skill sets required for a medical transcriptionist to be successful in their profession. Let us look at these skills individually:

  • Exceptional control over grammar, spelling and punctuation:  Medical transcriptionist should have exceptional spelling skills. It is always recommended for the medical transcriptionist to have a dictionary with them but do not ponder over the words excessively; because most probably they are paid for the amount they type. Good grammar skills and punctuation marks will give them an edge over their competitors.
  • Concentration for longer period of time: A medical transcriptionist needs to sit in front of computers for longer period of time. Good focus on the transcribed document can reduce the number of mistakes in the patient’s medical report. Mistakes can endanger the lives of patients hence; proper care needs to be taken while transcribing the document.
  • Work without supervision and stay motivated: Sometimes medical transcriptionists need to work from home. At that point, it becomes very important for them to stay motivated so that they can work without any supervision. Turnaround time for the reports need to be met; as a report is due in only one or two hours after it is dictated.
  • Exceptional research skills: A medical transcriptionist must have excellent research skills. They should not only have the right reference books, but they should also be able to pick the right book quickly. The medical transcriptionist should be able to find hospitals and physicians; in case if there is any spelling mistake or abbreviations.
  • Above average typing skills: Good typing skills are must for an excellent medical transcriptionist.  Without typing speed it becomes very difficult for the medical transcriptionist to complete their targets and get the desired career results.
  • A good memory: Medical transcriptionists need to have a good memory. It is not possible for them to stop every now and then to look for things and yet be accurate.
  • Desire for continuous education: Medical transcriptionist need to continuously update themselves with new medications, new surgical instruments, and even new diseases. There are always new things to learn everyday in the medical transcription field. Hence, medical transcriptionist need to regularly update themselves with new revisions.
  • Learn new languages and accents: With the advancement in technology, medical transcriptionists need to prepare transcriptions for doctors residing in different regions and different accents. The more accustomed the medical transcriptionist is; the better changes of growth are available to them.

Medical transcriptionists need to have passion for words, curiosity for meaning and desire to continuously grow in this demanding field. A global medical transcription company will always recruit the best medical transcriptionists after evaluating the necessary skill-sets specified above.

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