A Letter to Our Customers

A Letter to Our Customers

These are testing times. Our families, our businesses, our way of life – the Covid-19 pandemic is hurting our community in every possible way.

We stand with you in this hour of crisis. If you have been sick, please take good care of yourself. You are important to us. We wish you a speedy recovery. And, if you are out there caring for those who are sick or are suffering- you are our inspiration!

We are reaching out to you to share with you how your team at ezDI is approaching this crisis for your continued success.

Our 500-person team at ezDI remains laser-focused on delivering results even in these challenging times. 

Most of our in-person events have been converted into virtual events. All our teams have also been advised to use digital channels as much as possible. 

ezDI platforms are by design equipped to deal with contingencies like these. Most of our employees and contractors around the world have already begun working from home. Others are actively being encouraged to do so. Our specialized team spread across the US – now working safely, remotely and securely – will continue to serve our customers with the utmost integrity. 

An amazing team is hard at work to ensure the best possible customer care service to all our customers. We’ll continue to provide our Medical Transcription services and the ezDI platforms to our hospitals in near real-time.

Emergencies like these remind us that we’re all part of a single community. We are confident that with patience, understanding, and compassion; we’ll get through this hour of trial.  


We will continue to update you as new information becomes available. Until then – stay healthy. Stay safe.




By designing a next-generation clinical NLP engine supporting advanced documentation and coding functions, EZDI turned their vision to reality. Their CAC and CDI solutions received tremendous feedback, providing system accuracy and ease of use. EZDI removes the data complexity and highlights what matters for healthcare professionals.

EZDI is a provider of AI-based mid-revenue cycle management solutions to Hospitals and Health Systems.

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