5 Reasons Why NOT Having Your Server In-house is a Good Idea

Benefits of having cloud based SaaS technology.

The myths surrounding SaaS technology on Cloud are many. Most of us have preconceived notions regarding data safety and security, data vulnerability, storage, data retrieval & transfer etc. However, what we fail to remember is that technology on Cloud is extremely reliable and robust with most banks and financial institutions using it seamlessly. Therefore, it is about time that the healthcare fraternity embraces Cloud wholeheartedly to explore and take complete advantage of this cutting edge technology solution.

Today, we take a peek into the most evident advantages of having your software’s on Cloud and what makes it one of the smartest and professional decision you will ever make:

1. No Hassle in data Accessibility

In this age of evidence-based medicine, data accessibility is of paramount importance as far as effective patient care is concerned. Cloud-based technology makes data accessibility much easier as compared to the legacy softwares, which is located in on-site servers. Since the data is stored on the Cloud, information from multiple centers can be accessed from anywhere, anytime. Cloud-based technology makes it easy for data to be accessed from any location or any device through secure logins thereby speeding up the whole process of case assignment to case review, clinical documentation to clinical coding, and coding to auditing leading to streamline workflow, real-time data visibility and faster report turn-around.

2. Your Data Remains Ultra Safe

One of the major concerns in a legacy healthcare applications is the security of the patient data that is generated on a daily basis and stored on the servers. Softwares based on Cloud technologies takes care of this perfectly. The data in the Cloud is stored in encrypted form that has high security levels and cannot be accessed in usable form by anyone other than authorized personnel with access rights. With practically no server downtime as compared to the on-site servers, Cloud-based Computer-assisted coding, clinical documentation improvement, and Computer-assisted Auditing softwares  relieves the user of any operational problems and data security issues that result from server downtime.

3. Reduced IT Requirements

A Cloud-based technology means that the servers are off-site and all the costs associated with the hardware installation and the associated maintenance is nullified. The easy accessibility associated with Cloud based SaaS applications also makes it simple to add users, centers, sections, services etc. to the master log. This means you don’t have to go hunting for the in-house IT team; and anyone who has the login with administrator rights can do it easily. You effectively save additional manpower cost spent on maintaining a big IT team to maintain the server, add/ edit the master logs and related activities.

4. Staggered Investments

Cloud-based technology gives the hospital CIOs/CFOs the option of not buying a large server at the onset and thereby blocking up money. Since vendors are paying for the cloud, it takes away the risk of projecting the growth of the hospital correctly and buying a server that will be able to scale and handle the data and operations load of that projected growth. It means the server space can be hired as and when the growth happens. There is no prior commitment and no blocked investment. Even no monthly utility fees.

5. Practically Zero Maintenance

With no server within your premises you don’t need to worry about the safety of the server room, temperature maintenance, pest control, server downtime, software updates and other such factors.

Having a Cloud based Computer-assisted Coding, Computer-assisted Clinical Documentation Improvement, and Compliance Auditing Software can smoothen your Revenue Cycle Workflow to a large extent. It makes automation a cost effective option and also leaves you with more time to focus on the core operations, and taking care of your patients.

Hardik Kevadiya

Hardik Kevadiya

Hardik Kevadiya is a Senior Manager, Business Development and Marketing at EZDI, Inc. - an AGS Health Company. Hardik is passionate about Healthcare Information Technology and Innovations - Innovations that enhance human lives. He is also a healthcare trend and news follower, his passion for helping Healthcare IT professionals in all aspects of online trends and research flows through in the expert industry coverage he provides. In addition to writing for EZDI, Hardik also mentors a team of Data Analysts and Marketing professionals.

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