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Definite signs of professional burnout in medical transcriptionists

Medical transcriptionists have to work really hard under pressure to deliver the transcribed documents on time. This sometimes results in stress which if not treated on an immediate basis can result in professional burnout. Hence; in this blog I have enumerated various signs which point out to professional burnout in medical transcriptionists.

I have always said that medical transcriptionists are bread and butter for medical transcription companies. Without specialized medical transcriptionists it is impossible for a medical transcriptionist company to get a creditable position in the medical transcription domain. But have you wondered the stress and anxiety that medical transcriptionists face on a day-to-day basis to complete their targets and achieve great accuracy in transcribing medical documents. Eventually saturation comes up in any profession and medical transcriptionist profession is no different. But the chances of professional burnout are even higher in medical transcriptionists. Now there are various reasons for the burnout. Some of them include:

  • Stress due to the feeling of being overworked
  • Working on too many deadlines simultaneously
  • Broken equipment
  • Blurred personal/professional boundaries
  • Difficulty in understanding the accent of a particular physician on number of occasions

If this nervous tension is not relaxed on a timely basis, then it results in burnout. There are various signs which can tell you whether you are going through professional burnout in medical transcription field. Let me enumerate them as below:

  • Apathy towards work: In professional burnout cases; medical transcriptionists often become emotionless and numbness. But frustration over work-related issue is a positive sign as it shows that you still want to do well in your job but are not in the mood to work harder. Now if you are emotionless to the surroundings and your work then it is a red alert and would mean that you do not care about your job. But if receiving a bonus means a lot to you as being placed on probation then you are definitely in the first stage of professional burnout.
  • Avoidance of calls and emails from boss: Another way that professional burnout can affect medical transcriptionists is through avoidance of important calls and emails from boss. You do not feel like discussing about work or are not quite sure of the next assignment round the corner and are trying to avoid it altogether. All these are symptoms of professional burnout. If your colleagues and loved ones avoid you because you hate your job then this is also a sign of professional burnout. Other signs include:
    • Discontinuing from professional networks that you once enjoyed
    • Try to avoid non-mandatory staff meetings or conference calls
    • Decline social invitations with co-workers and friends that you normally would never say no to.
  • Improper professional conduct: If for some reasons you are not showing the same courtesy that you once showed towards your colleagues and boss then there is a definite sign of professional burnout. If you were once praised for your professional decorum but do not follow it appropriately now then there is a definite sign for worry. You do not address your boss, colleagues and clients in the same way that you used to do earlier and you are missing out regularly on meeting deadlines and waiting for the time to end for the day then you are really going through a tough stage.
  • Biological changes: If you are stressed out for a long period of time then it will show up in your physical appearance. These can also a sign of professional burnout. It can be any of the following symptoms mentioned below:
    • Sudden weight gain or loss
    • Extreme fatigue
    • Headaches, migraines
    • Body aches
    • Muscle tension and spasms
    • Flu-like symptoms caused by depression

Hence; it is always very important for professional medical transcriptioniststo take regular break from work and ask their employers to give them the required gap. In fact even a week’s break can relax their mind and give them much needed impetus to concentrate on their work more effectively. A reputed medical transcription company will always understand these problems and give the requisite break to the medical practitioners.

Hardik Kevadiya

Hardik Kevadiya is a Business Development and Marketing Manager at ezDI and Mediscribes. Hardik is passionate about Healthcare Information Technology and Innovations - Innovations that enhance human lives. He is also a healthcare trend and news follower, his passion for helping Healthcare IT professionals in all aspects of online trends and research flows through in the expert industry coverage he provides. In addition to writing for ezDI, Hardik also mentors a team of Data Analysts and Marketing professionals.

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