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Different skill sets that makes medical transcriptionists an instant success in their profession

Medical transcriptionists are the face of the medical transcription company. Without these useful components the entire medical transcription industry would banish. In this blog; we look at different skill sets that make medical transcriptionists inevitable for medical transcription companies.

I have always written about various facets of medical transcription domain in my blogs. In fact I have also praised a lot of times about the different skill sets that medical transcriptionists possess that makes this profession a highly desirable one for potential candidates. In this write-up I will try to re-furnish some skill sets which are inevitable for any medical transcriptionist to become successful in medical transcription profession. Now there are many blogs which have been written on this subject but no one has ever tried to integrate all the facets which bring together the necessary components of success for medical transcription profession. I have included these skill sets in a very creative manner so that it becomes very attractive for the readers to read the content.

So let me start off with the different traits which are necessary to become a skillful medical transcriptionist:

    Proficiency over keyboard skills: A medical transcriptionist needs to have a very high accuracy and speed while typing medical documents. They cannot ease the process of transcription by relaxing a bit. They need to be alert and type at a great speed in order to get their task done in time. Hence; it is very important for the medical transcriptionists to hone their typing skills by regularly practicing on typing tutor and increasing their speed. This will make them feel confident while dealing with a quick speaker and they can even use different keyboard shortcuts to their advantage while transcribing the medical documents.
    Whenever you practice do not have unrealistic hopes in terms of speed. Always try to compete with yourself and increase your benchmark after crossing a particular hurdle. Never compromise with your health and always try to understand the needs of your body before taxing yourself on the typing tutor for longer hours.
  • Word Building exercises: A good medical transcriptionist always understand that they need to work really hard in understanding medical terminologies so that they do not get struck during the transcription process. They need to be well-acquainted with the new medical terms and their acronyms. If you are not from a science background it will be very tough in the beginning but once you have got the knack of learning these words it will become a habit. Try to use flashcards to remember important keywords but never try to memorize it. You already have it registered in the brain as an when it comes in the dictation process transcribe the document accurately. Never try to overdo a thing that is also very harmful. They should also be very good at spellings because they need to type the medical documents instantly. They will get minimal time to verify the spelling mistakes done in the medical documents. Always be good at grammar because no matter how good an MD is he/she will never take care of grammatical errors. But as a medical transcriptionist it is your duty to see to it that there are no grammatical errors in the medical documents.
  • Basic knowledge of computer: Apart from being a good typist and word players; medical transcriptionists are also required to be tech-savvy. They need to know the basic functionalities of software, hardware and adopt easily to new platforms. They should also have adequate knowledge to know the difference between EHR and EMR. They can also put to editing work depending on their skill sets. Hence; they should be ever-ready to adapt to different conditions easily.
  • Analytical framework: Being a good typist, word player and tech-savvy are the basic requirements of being a medical transcriptionist. But if you also have a high quotient of analytical skills then it is an icing over the cake. Then it can be a very useful component in understanding when to raise a flag and differentiate between computer and human component. There are times when things are not always in black and white. During such times, analytical skills come handy for a medical transcriptionist in deciding appropriate steps to be taken depending on their experience and reasoning capabilities.

But always remember that the human component will always play a critical role in the medical transcription domain; no matter what the future of this industry has in store for us!

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