AHIMA 2017 Convention & Exhibit: Product World Session Registration Open

AHIMA 2017 Convention & Exhibit: Product World Session Registration Open!

ezDI is exhibiting at AHIMA 2017 Convention & Exhibit, stop by booth #1039 and learn more about #1 NLP-based Computer-Assisted Coding Software in action. Every hospital has its own workflows set per the requirement from their Coding and CDI department needs, at ezDI’s booth #1039 attendees will be able to book a personalized demo. To book your personalized DEMO and register yourself for ezDI’s product world session RSVP now!


Objective: Healthcare organizations are increasingly under attack, and it’s time for security practitioners to shore up their defenses! Through the latest cloud technology, in-depth technical knowledge, and vendor solutions, attendees will walk away with cyber hygiene strategies that address the most pressing issues in healthcare today: ransomware, data breaches, security awareness, and understanding their health eco-system and where ePHI resides. Attendees will be able to see the MOST Secure Computer-Assisted Coding, Computer-Assisted Clinical Documentation Improvement, and Compliance Software in action, ezDI has developed technology that provides the highest security, scalability, and customizable.

Audience Benefits: The participant in this session will gain a general understanding of:

  1. Data Security considerations – premise-based application deployment versus cloud-based application deployment.
  2. Cloud-based infrastructure – deploying healthcare applications in the Cloud, including artificial intelligence services such as Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning and enterprise applications such as Computer-Assisted Coding.
  3. Cloud security – progressive layers starting from the security of web applications, continuing onto the security of hardware and software that hosts the application.
  4. HIPAA and technical safeguards checklists and processes that support the overall operation and service.
  5. Security awareness – protection from malware, ransomware, virus attacks.
  6. Contingency planning – Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP)

Session Outline: Neil Shah, the Chief Innovation Officer at ezDI, will outline and discuss the very basics of what HIM professionals need to know and understand when evaluating, choosing, and working with an HIM Information Technology vendor.


  • Deployment of computer services
  • Storage of data
  • End-user privacy safeguards
  • Secure communications
  • Vulnerability Assessments
  • Security awareness – malware, ransomware, virus attacks


By designing a next-generation clinical NLP engine supporting advanced documentation and coding functions, EZDI turned their vision to reality. Their CAC and CDI solutions received tremendous feedback, providing system accuracy and ease of use. EZDI removes the data complexity and highlights what matters for healthcare professionals.

EZDI is a provider of AI-based mid-revenue cycle management solutions to Hospitals and Health Systems.

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