If you are reading this you are either standing at the ICD-10 transition crossroads or have on-boarded the train and are looking for a way out of the mist of confusion that surrounds the shift.

Either ways we may have the answer for you. From the way we look at it, there are two key takeaway strategies that can, if worked out well, help you tide over the ICD-10 wave smoothly.

Get, install or take help of a good clinical documentation improvement solution. The accuracy and clarity that it will impart to your healthcare records and data is phenomenal. The traits of a good CDI program include its capacity to impart specificity, accuracy and completeness to your clinical documentation. It should also have fall back advantages of improved revenue management cycle, and reduced number of DNFB instances. CDI is critical for all your financial, compliance and patient care issues to be resolved. Detailed documentation will also allow your coders to code more efficiently to reflect case severity and complications. This in turn results in healthcare providers including you to realize the full reimbursement amount to be requested for the services provided. When you look for a suitable CDI software, you need to search for a solution that tracks clinical data, allows for physician queries to be sent electronically and allows for concurrent querying.

Say you found the CDI software that is just right for you. The next step is to ensure an equally well-functioning Computer-assisted Coding (CAC) software. A solid CAC program is the integral step in ensuring that the foundation has been laid for transitioning to ICD-10. How? The right CAC program will increase the number of codes used thereby increasing your Case Mix Index (CMI). The program should also provide clear audit trails for the exact placement of the codes were found in the documentation.

When you have a great CDI program in place, a fully functional CAC must follow suit to ensure that your coders have better results to fetch and use the data.

Why wait for the ICD-10 transition to come up to speed on your CDI and CAC programs? Start now if you wish to take advantage of a well-balanced system that leverages effective coding and clinical documentation channels towards better patient care.

Have you thought of leveraging CDI, CAC for your hospital yet?
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Hardik Kevadiya

Hardik Kevadiya

Hardik Kevadiya is a Senior Manager, Business Development and Marketing at EZDI, Inc. - an AGS Health Company. Hardik is passionate about Healthcare Information Technology and Innovations - Innovations that enhance human lives. He is also a healthcare trend and news follower, his passion for helping Healthcare IT professionals in all aspects of online trends and research flows through in the expert industry coverage he provides. In addition to writing for EZDI, Hardik also mentors a team of Data Analysts and Marketing professionals.

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