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National Emergency Nurses Day

Each year, second Wednesday in the month of October is marked as National Emergency Nurses Day.

Emergency nurses work under extreme pressure, and are on their feet during most critical, clinical and catastrophic emergencies across typical healthcare organizations and hospitals. Their passion to make a difference to human lives is what separates them from the rest.

Day in and day out, they deal with patients with life-threatening diseases and injuries, whose condition often escalates to immediate deterioration. Their intuitive and timely judgement in such situations can make a difference between life and death. This group of healthcare workers strive diligently across varied age groups, deal with cases ranging from resuscitating trauma, to neo-natal emergencies, to quarantine procedures during a global epidemic. Their expertise is extremely rare and valuable and needs to be specially celebrated and applauded.

Team ezDI takes this opportunity to thank all Emergency Nurses for their irreplaceable contribution, commitment and dedication towards their patients and families and towards their profession.

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