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Team ezDI™ supports World Breast Cancer Awareness Month – Think Pink

The world is going Pink. The whole of October, is marked as World Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

As an individual, breast cancer is very close to most of us who have lost some friend, relative or colleague to the disease over the years. As health care professionals whose life revolves around innovation and breakthrough products that can help solve complex healthcare problems across the world, it must matter more.

It is estimated that in the US alone, 2015 will witness 231,840 new cases of invasive breast cancer, 60,290 new cases of in situ breast cancer and 40,290 breast cancer fatalities.*

The healthcare world is abuzz with the ongoing transition from ICD-9 coding to ICD-10 coding platform. While we know that ICD-10 relates to a more in depth and complex medical coding technology, does this or will it change anything for these alarming breast cancer statistics?
As with most other diseases, the difference between an ICD-9 and ICD-10 coding has the potential to make a mark on the way breast cancer diagnoses is seen currently. While ICD-9 code set provides specific codes for different areas of the female breast affected by malignancy, it doesn’t differentiate any further between, say a left and a right breast, or whether the cancer is in the axillary tail or its overlapping sites. This degree of additional detailing that is now existent in ICD-10 codes can go a long way towards correlating between different cases, tracking the cases and specificity better and overall helping towards better information flow to the physicians. We think that holds great promise.

Here’s to the new coding system, an in depth look at the disease and their specifications and the overall prognosis, if not the outcome. Here’s to a better, more informed team of physicians, coders, HIM and healthcare professionals. Here’s to ICD-10.

Time to think Pink. Team ezDI™ supports World Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

*(Source: www.wcrf.org)

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