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The most important decision of medical transcriptionist – Choosing the best transcription headphones for transcription

There are different sorts of headphones available in the market. Hence; it becomes very difficult to choose the best transcription headphones for medical transcriptionists; because it will be very helpful equipment for them in their profession.

In my blogs I have always highlighted about different things about medical transcription domain. In this blog; I have discussed about different criterias that help in selecting the best transcription headphones for medical transcriptionists. But first of all let me again enumerate the importance of medical transcriptionists in this domain. Like for a physician, the various medical equipments are their tools, for a medical transcriptionist headphones are the most important equipment for them. It is through the headphones that they hear the dictation of the doctor and transcribe the medical documents. Hence; it is very important to select the best headphones for the medical transcriptionists. Now let us see the various features of a good headphone that make it desirable for medical transcriptionists:

  • Blocks background sound and make it easier for professions which require good listening skills: This is a very important feature of a good headphone. It blocks the background sound which makes it easier for the medical transcriptionist to concentrate on the audio recordings of the physician. It also helps them in getting the information instantly rather than rewinding and forwarding the recording again and again which is often the case with poor headphones. It is an essential quality which helps in listening while the office is full of noise and there is no chance of hearing things properly without a good headphone.
  • Comfort level provided by the headphone: There are different types of headphones available in the market which helps the medical transcriptionists in choosing the appropriate comfort level. With so many options available like: over the head headphones, over the neck headphones and ear buds. Each of these different options has their own advantages and disadvantages. Let me show you the various characteristics of each of these options which will help in choosing the best type of headphone.
    • Over-the-head headphones are commonly used because they come with cushioned ear pads that make it easier for the medical transcriptionist to use for a longer duration without any breaks. While you choose this type of headphone, please bear in mind that they are not too heavy because they can torn the neck if used for a longer period.
    • Over-the-neck headphones are similar to over-the-head except that they use neck to support the headphones. These types of headphones are found with padded ear cushions, adjustable cords etc.
    • Ear buds are another type of headphones which have gained lot of popularity recently. These types of headphones fit into the ear and help in blocking the background noise. But the major problems with these types of headphones are after sometime the user becomes irritable with their constant use.

There are different price ranges of these headphones which can be bought for less than $ 100. Choosing the best medical transcription headphone takes a lot of time and energy. It also helps if you find various reviews of headphones which can guide you in deciding the best ones for the medical transcription needs. A good medical transcription company will always consider these points mentioned above before selecting the right transcription headphone for the medical transcriptionists.


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