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The significant element of outsourcing in medical transcription business

Medical transcription outsourcing has become quite a norm nowadays. Hence; in this blog I have enumerated various benefits that medical practitioners can derive by outsourcing their medical transcription needs to a third party.

I have enumerated many times in my blogs that medical transcription services are a boon for medical practitioners. With the help of these transcribed documents they can record the patient’s permanent medical record for a very long time. Now there are times when medical practitioners outsource medical transcription services to outside companies. But outsourcing still is an important option and is very popular amongst medical practitioners. In house medical transcription services can be very tedious and time consuming due to which this work is entrusted to outsiders. Now, before you select the medical transcription company it is better to check whether they follow HIPAA laws and have the necessary equipment and technology. Now outsourcing these services can yield many benefits. I have enumerated these benefits below:

  • No scope for error in the transcribed documents: If you have selected an established outsourcing company then be assured that they have qualified people who have expert knowledge in English language, grammar and punctuation, style and formatting, medical treatment and terminology among others. The transcriptionists are well-versed with different accents which make it very easy for them to type the medical documents quickly and try to find out different keywords which are quite difficult to identify through normal course of action. They also have a three-tier quality control system which has become a norm nowadays in a HIPAA-complaint company. These protocols make it very difficult for the transcripts to be error prone.
  • Cost reduction: Since the transcription work is outsourced there is no need for the medical practitioner to invest in costly resources like manpower and technology to get the job done. The medical practitioner is also freed to work on their patients in the mean time thereby giving them additional time which brings the transcription costs down by a considerable margin.
  • No fear of staff-cutting: Since the entire work is outsourced there is any need to feel overstaffed during holiday season like Thanksgiving; which is quite a difficult season to handle for a medical practitioner. Hence; they do not feel understaffed which is a great thing for medical practitioners. This is an extremely advantageous position for them.
  • Compliance with Turnaround Time: An outsourcing company is always very keen to meet the TAT requirements as meeting them would enhance their creditability in the market. They can also go for STAT files.
  • HIPAA Compliance: A reputed medical transcription company would always be HIPAA compliant. These companies have protected lockers and password protected computers. All the employees in the organization follow HIPAA guidelines thereby ensuring that the file transfer of patient information is done is a very safe and secure manner.

In the end; I would like to conclude by saying that outsourcing medical transcription work has become a norm nowadays and why not; after seeing the various benefits mentioned above I can safely say that medical transcription outsourcing services can yield a very positive response for medical practitioners.

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