Why CAC need not be an expensive just another solution

Computer assisted coding aka CAC is highly likely to be the most talked about topic in US healthcare these days. Partly because the migration from ICD-9 medical coding to ICD-10 medical coding system is thumping on the doors, and partly because the government and the regulatory bodies seem to be in no mood push back the implementation anymore, i.e. October 1st 2015.

Hospital HIMs and CFOs are grappling with an unenvious task of dispensing precious resources amongst coder upskilling, capital investments with relatively unknown returns, engaging with consultants or revamping IT infrastructure (EHRs). However the basics remain the same, at least from solutions providers’ point of view. Understand the workflow, automate the processes and integrate with ancillary systems without major infrastructure makeovers.

ezDI technology is cloud based providing automation for HIM processes such as coding, CDI and audit. Coders, clinical documentation specialists, physicians and auditors can all work seamlessly on a single platform.

ezDI has conceptualised and commissioned ezCAC application with a single focus in mind: simplify, automate and ‘mistake proof’ coding process. Our solutions are intuitive, user friendly and workflow automated. During a comparative productivity study, ezCAC fetched the desired code in 8 clicks as against 22 clicks for a rival solution. For such an exponential improvement on a CAC application, we are a not only affordable but highly competitive in efficiency too, and that we believe is a ‘deal clincher’.

Visit us at booth # 714 at AHIMA 2015 to find out more about our ezCAC solution. A product demo will leave you convinced that ‘Not all CAC solutions are white elephants; there are some swift jaguars too’.



By designing a next-generation clinical NLP engine supporting advanced documentation and coding functions, EZDI turned their vision to reality. Their CAC and CDI solutions received tremendous feedback, providing system accuracy and ease of use. EZDI removes the data complexity and highlights what matters for healthcare professionals.

EZDI is a provider of AI-based mid-revenue cycle management solutions to Hospitals and Health Systems.

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