The strongest clinical NLP APIs that deliver speed and simplicity

Natural Language Processing APIs that enable you to extract meaningful clinical entities from bundles of unstructured data, seamlessly.

EZDI Clinical NLP APIs

Clinical NLP APIs

Extracting meaningful clinical entities from bundles of clinical unstructured data.

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Named Entity Recognition (NER)

Clinical NLP API that extracts medical entities, its context and relationship from large chunks of unstructured clinical data using Deep Learning NLP Models.

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Highly accurate API for medical coding that extracts billable ICD-10-CM and PCS codes from patient encounter documents at the click of a button.

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Healthcare NLP API to pull out procedural terminology codes from the document used to report medical, surgical, and diagnostic procedures.

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Medical coding NLP API for Evaluation & Management codes identified and extracted from physician-patient encounter documents and clinical data.

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Use Cases

Population Health

Our Clinical NLP engine has been trained and developed with an exuberant amount of healthcare data to identify a given patient’s risk factors and syndromes.

Prior Authorisation

Speed up Prior Authorization using machine learning models that automatically extract required information in real time, thereby saving time and money.

Improve Revenue Cycle Management

Poor Coding & Documentation can cost millions of dollars due to lost reimbursement undermining patient care quality. With AI and Automation, make your RCM more efficient, with optimized revenue.


EZDI NLP is trained on over 7 million real clinical notes

Our Machine Learning in Clinical Development and NLP algorithms are trained on real clinical documents to provide cutting-edge accuracy. We have successfully built one of the world’s most advanced Natural Language Processing technology and tested it on diverse clinical data sets for precision. EZDI suite of products and solutions is trusted by clients working in the most demanding environments across the globe.

Our seasoned team of experts in NLP, data science, software engineering and enterprise implementations- operate internationally, complementing and supporting our clients’ ventures and teams continually. Our APIs ingest data in many forms and readily support interoperability across systems.

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We are committed to security and privacy

We are committed to delivering products, services and solutions that are secure and reliable.
Our APIs are built to handle your data with the utmost care and respect for privacy.

EZDI APIs follow several industry-specific standards, including:

  • Cloud Security Alliance (CSA)
  • Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA)
HIPAA Compliant