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Poor Coding & Documentation can cost millions of dollars due to lost reimbursement undermining patient care quality. With AI and Automation, make your RCM more efficient, with optimized revenue

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How we solve it?

Identifying the right diagnosis and procedure code from the patient chart for medical billing is tedious and time-consuming. A particular diagnosis can be written in many different ways (e.g., “congestive heart failure”, “CHF”). ezDI’s Clinical NLP can accurately identify abbreviations, misspellings, and typos in the clinical notes and suggest appropriate ICD10 CM and ICD 10 PCS codes. Accurate capture of ICD 10 CM, ICD 10 PCS, CPT, HCPCS, and E&M codes results in improved coder productivity, faster billing, reduced denials and more accurate reimbursement, and a fully auditable process.

Customer Challenges

Manual Coding and CDI workflow to identify ICD 10 CM/PCS is complex transaction.


Clinical NLP as a service

Convert Unstructured clinical text to structured information, mapped with ICD 10, CPT, E&M ontologies.

Our Value ADD

  • Develop AI/ML Models, Customizations
  • Last Mile RCM applications - CAC & CDI

Customer Wins

Improves Coding & CDI productivity and optimizes hospital reimbursement .

How it Works?


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