Predictive Analytics

Identify early signs of patient retrogression in the hospital and detect at-risk patients before the onset of disease to gauge future costs and care.

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How we solve it?

Expedite Artificial Intelligence and digital transformation journey by digitizing unstructured clinical notes using Clinical NLP. Leverage Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and Predictive models by leveraging hidden information trapped into the unstructured text to assess care dimensions and cost appropriately.

Customer Challenges

Without the structured data, it is not viable to build predictive analytical solutions. More than 80% of data is unstructured.


Clinical NLP as a service

Convert Unstructured clinical text to structured information.

Our Value ADD

Extracting diagnoses, procedures, prescriptions, lab values or any clinical entities from unstructured clinical data .

Customer Wins

Accurately structure the data in timely and cost effective manner.

How it Works?


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