Prior Authorization

Is your PA process slow and resulting in denials? Don't worry, ezDI provides a Solution that speeds up Prior Authorization process by extracting patient facts from submitted cases thereby saving you time and money.

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How we solve it?

Prior authorization requirements are a primary driver of physician burnout. It puts a huge burden on all parties involved and often results in denials and delays in care delivery. Many providers send prior-auth requests through faxes that require manually reviewing pages of clinical documents for medical necessity and approval. The manual process takes up a lot of clinical resources. Using Clinical NLP to extract needed information to automate the process will expedite the decision-making process and free up clinical resources.

Customer Challenges

Manually detecting patient facts required for a Prior Authorization request leading to delays and high cost.


Clinical NLP as a service

Convert Unstructured clinical text to structured information.

Our Value ADD

  • Data Platform & Services, Pre-processing
  • Develop AI/ML Models, Customizations
  • Last Mile application that creates longitudinal patient records and captures accurate risk scores

Customer Wins

Real time and accurate extraction of patient facts leading to smooth Prior Authorization(PA) process, results in low costs for the customers.

How it Works?


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