Radiology Report Classification

Turn unstructured, tumultuous radiology texts into well-summarized reports by putting it under the microscope of Clinical NLP powered tools.

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How we solve it?

It is time consuming for referring providers to read and understand free-text radiology reports. Also due to incomplete reports, there might be multiple back-and-forths of the same report between radiologist and referring physicians. This decreases productivity, distracts from revenue generation activities, and creates unintended opportunities for medical errors. Clinical NLP powered tools help with real-time conversion of unstructured radiology text into synoptic reports.

Customer Challenges

Getting insights from Radiology Reports is lengthy & time consuming, Erroneous information interpretation at each stakeholder level


Clinical NLP as a service

Convert Unstructured clinical text to structured information.

Our Value ADD

  • Data Platform & Services, Pre-processing
  • Develop AI/ML Models, Customizations
  • Last Mile application for radiology report classification

Customer Wins

Complete Structured Information Extraction from Radiology Reports, Time savings, Improved outcomes based on reduced medical errors

How it Works?


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