Run your HIM operation like a pro with real time performance analytics.

Don’t wait until the end of the month to know what to do right now.


Analytics Features

Clinical Performance

See everything about your coding operation, from code to coder to provider.

CDI Program Performance

Understand what is happening between CDI and providers and coders while running enhancement programs.

Audit Performance

Act on audit outcomes to improve program performance and the knowledge of your coders and providers.

Clinical Performance

Operational Insight

Visualize your coder productivity and benchmark for performance standards.

Clinical Patterns

Track your clinical standards and variation across providers and facilities to spot situations that need inspection.

Financial Impact

Clear reporting on financial impact across payers, providers, and patient populations for any reimbursement program.

CDI Program Performance

Documentation Insight

Visualize the interaction between CDI team and providers answering queries and final coding.

Query Effectiveness

Measure the usefulness of queries and prune unnecessary queries to improve quality.

Provider Compliance

Track provider responsiveness and clinical decision making documentation trends.

Audit Program Performance

Financial Impact

Easily identify financial impact of auditing charts and coding before billing to prevent denials, capture charges, or verify documentation.

Educational Focus Areas

Follow the gaps identified during an audit with an educational program or reference guide to make an impact quickly.

Staff Performance Maintenance

Ensure high quality staff knowledge base to prevent errors and missed opportunities.

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