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Clinical Documentation Integrity (CDI) Software Features

Intelligent Worklists

Cases with query opportunities prioritized for concurrent review.

Query Suggestions

Automatically suggested queries based on predicted coding and current documentation.

Actionable Reporting

Visualize query activity, response rates, and financial impact across the organization.

Intelligent CDI Worklists

Cover More Charts

Charts are prioritized based on suggested queries so staff can look at every relevant chart before it gets coded.

Work Concurrently

Real time synchronization of clinical notes and attachments from the EHR means your staff can work alongside physicians in the EHR.

Prioritize and Hold

Keep track of charts with queries awaiting response and hold charts from coding so queries don’t get missed.

Automatic Query Suggestions

Automatic Query Identification

Focus your CDI team on the charts that have potential queries automatically identified.

Predictive Coding and Queries

Each chart will be predictively coded based on current documentation and queries suggested based on potential coding opportunities or missing support.

Query Templates

With over 100 query templates in place, creating and responding to a query is lightning fast. You can edit or create new query templates that fit your organization.

Actionable CDI Reporting

Show Financial Impact

Instantly understand the impact of your CDI program with measurement of CMI, risk scoring, quality measures, and staff productivity.

Focus on Non Compliant Providers

Easily identify providers that are not responding to queries in a timely fashion, and see what queries are not needed based on provider feedback.

Audit CDI and Coding Variance

Review the variance you see between CDI coding assumptions and actual coding going out on claims.

Integrated Encoders and Reference Data

Coding Guidelines

Integrated Encoders and Groupers

As the CDI is predictively coding, it is leveraging standard coding guidelines and edits. When grouping, we default to DRG and MS-DRG. We interface with 3M for APR DRG grouping as needed.

Machine Learning

Integrated Clinical References

A comprehensive clinical reference guide is included and connected with queries to help a provider understand the context of the query.

Resources for Clinical Documentation Improvement

The Essential Guide to Buying Computer-Assisted CDI Software

This guide provides a data-driven approach when selecting CDI software for your Health Information Management (HIM) and CDI departments.

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EZDI's Clinical Document Improvement Software

Integrated CDI workflow enhanced with Automation and Electronic Query Improved Clinical Documentation leading to better compliance and reimbursement. Deeper collaboration between CDI specialist, Physician, Coder, Audit, Compliance and Revenue Cycle Management.

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Outpatient CDI For All The Right Reasons

Want to scale up your clinical documentation improvement but not sure how? In this practical webinar by EZDI you will learn about all the right reasons why industry leaders in healthcare are moving towards a comprehensive Ambulatory CDI.

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Halifax Regional Medical Center (HRMC) Improves Financials $1.39 MM

Unprecedented: No Downtime for any EZDI applications since go-live, March 13, 2017 and optimized revenue cycle process with a one-year bottom line impact of $1.39 MM.

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