Computer Assisted Coding (CAC) built with industry-leading clinical NLP.

Use the best CAC Software in the market to dramatically increase coder productivity and code capture


CAC Software Features

Intelligent Worklists

Prioritized lists for teams or individual staff based on any criteria.

Accurate Suggestions

See the right diagnosis and charge codes tied to documentation references.

Actionable Reporting

Visualize clinical coding trends and productivity by staff, physician, and facility.

Intelligent CAC Worklists

Prioritize and group work

Charts are placed in coder work queues when they are ready, put on hold while awaiting additional information, and automatically put back into the queue when the chart is ready for final coding.

Match coder skills with chart types

Automatically route charts from a given speciality or containing a specific diagnosis group with a designated coder or team.

Shuffle work based on availability

Easily move work from one coder to another based on coder availability and work loads across the organization.

Accurate Coding Suggestions

Never miss diagnosis codes

Clinical NLP with deep knowledge graphs are able to identify every potential ICD code whether it is explicitly mentioned or implied based on other treatments, lab results, or medications.

Capture every charge

Every CPT, HCPCS or other charge code is captured across all components of documentation, including attachments.

Automatically select E&M codes

Evaluation and management codes are automatically selected based on the latest 2021 (or 95, or 97) criteria using either a total time or relevant factors to maximize the documented level.

Actionable CAC Reporting

Measure coder productivity

Coder activity from chart viewing to editing is tracked down to the second. Use this data to measure hourly and daily productivity and compare to baselines and accuracy rates.

Understand coding patterns

See what codes are being used by each physician, facility, and coder to understand what services are being utilized and what segments of your patient population your organization is serving.

Identify areas needing attention

Focus your attention on the coders who need help improving productivity or physicians who are coding outside of normal patterns.

Always Up To Date

Coding Guidelines

Coding Guidelines

Our clinical content team makes sure that all coding guidelines are maintained whenever new codes or rules are released.

Machine Learning

Machine Learning Patterns

The Clinical NLP engine is always learning from the actions your coders take on suggested codes. The more CAC is used the better it gets at suggesting only the codes that will be billed.

Encoders and Groupers

Integrated Encoder

CAC comes with a built-in ‘book-based’ encoder that helps you select the right code with full supporting guideline information and coding clinics..

Integrated References

CAC comes with an integrated reference guide that has detailed visuals and anatomical information to refer to during the coding process.

Integrated and 3M Grouper

DRG and MSDRG grouping is built in, but for those who need the 3M APR Grouper, that is easily activated through an existing integration with 3M (separate 3M fees apply).

Resources for Computer-Assisted Coding

The Essential Guide to Buying Computer-assisted Coding (CAC) Software

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One intuitive Enterprise Computer-Assisted Coding platform that improves coding accuracy, efficiency and productivity as coders are empowered to make faster, better-informed coding decisions that simplify and streamline your coding processes.

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Putting 2021 Evaluation & Management Updates Into Practice

Understanding the latest guidelines for E / M Changes is an absolute essential for accurate coding and documentation. Jennifer Boles, CPC, CRC shares a summary of the revisions that will help you understand the latest guidelines for E / M Changes and its impact.

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Auburn Community Hospital (ACH) Improves Bottom Line

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