February 16-17, 2022

February 16-17, 2022

Clinical Documentation Improvement (CDI) built on top of industry-leading clinical NLP.

Automate Abstraction. Empower CDI Specialists.

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LIVE DEMO - February 17, 2022 | 3:30PM ET

Register for a live demo of our CDI Software on Feb 17, 2022 at 3:30PM ET and get a chance to win exclusive $100 Amazon gift voucher.


What’s bothering CDI teams at your facilities?

Real-time Audits

Manual, spread-sheet dependent processes and tracking of queries that can be cumbersome and lead to disparity across operations

Incomplete documentation

Incomplete or inaccurate documentation leading to denied claims or inaccurate reimbursements. This impacts the quality of care and hospital revenues.

Risk Adjustment

Unable to capture hierarchical condition categories (HCC) and risk adjustment factor (RAF)


Improve discharge not final billed (DNFB) and case mix index (CMI) metrics

Take moonshots

Difficulty in measuring and improving productivity and financial impact

Clinical NLP

Struggling to improve physicians’ query response and acceptance rate


Communication gaps between CDI specialists (CDIS), coders and auditors.

Evaluation in detail

Establish the CDI program and set up ongoing processes to improve clinical documentation.


An advanced CDI software designed from the ground up to elevate document quality.

Concurrent CDI

Prioritize cases to be reviewed, consolidate clinical information, and identify physician query opportunities concurrently while the patient is admitted reducing AR and DNFB days.

Measure the CDI program success

Follow AHIMA and ACDIS guidelines and understand the impact of your CDI program with measurement of CMI, risk scoring, quality measures, productivity, and much more.

Seamless integration with your CDI program

CDI software that integrates into your existing workflow, automates the chart review process, identify and tracks key parameters such as query response and acceptance rate.


A technology-first approach to clinical content

An industry-leading NLP technology

With integrated NLP, semantic web & machine learning, the queries are automatically generated and sent to the CDI specialist for validation and approval before sending it to the Physician.

Automated data collection & prioritization

Streamlines and strengthen your CDI process by abstracting clinical data concurrently and analyzing the health records for conflicting, incomplete, or nonspecific provider documentation.

A better way to improve clinical documentation

An easier, better, and faster way to automate all your mundane tasks leveraging NLP with a complete audit trail for regulatory compliance reviews and the necessary framework for gap analysis.

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CDI Software

By Vivek Menon - Director of Customer Success

dateFeb 17, 2022 | time3:30 PM - 4:00 PM

Vivek Menon is an IT management professional with 10+ years of experience in Project Planning and Management as well as leading and managing healthcare integration and interoperability operations. He is an expert in Clinical and Operational workflow, process improvement, review cycle, laboratory testing, CHCs, eHX repositories, ASP models and P2Ps. A passionate biker, he dreams of spending time with his two-wheeled beauty when he’s not riding it.

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