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CAC, CDI, and Audit in one easy-to-use platform

Transforming clinical data into actionable intelligence

A comprehensive platform for all your Inpatient, Outpatient, and Pro-Fee needs. Leveraging advanced Clinical NLP and AI, the software provides increased Collaboration, Accuracy, Efficiency, and Productivity across the organization while reducing Denials and improving A/R Days.

EZDI’s AI-based fully-integrated mid-revenue cycle management solutions

EZDI Computer Assisted CDI Software
Clinical Documentation Improvement (CDI)

Automate Clinical documentation review and queries without spreadsheets.

EZDI Computer Assisted CAC Software
Computer Assisted Coding (CAC)

Enables coders to make decisions faster with the help of AI.

EZDI Computer Assisted Coding and Compliance
Coding and Compliance (Audit)

Conducts automated Audits while integrating with your workflow.

EZDI Comprehensive Data Analytics
Comprehensive Data Analytics

Gives visibility into key organizational metrics with deep analytics.

Key Benefits with EZDI


Born-in the Cloud

No downtime; no onsite servers, $30k+ savings from day 1, robust security

Customer Obsession

Agile Customer Service

No Nickel and Dime pricing, free customizations,
24*7 support

Advanced AI

AI-enabled Workflow

Reduces administrative costs, enhances user efficiency

Serving the spectrum

Single platform

Better collaboration between coding, CDI, physicians, quality, compliance teams

Software with a difference

Faster Implementation

Auto-suggested queries with audit trail Streamlined query process

Make our customers heroes

Low cost of ownership

Half the cost with up to 10x ROI in first year

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