Pre-Conference Session - 1 CEU

Coding After the Pandemic - Changes and the Way Forward

locationTwilight | dateJune 27, 2021 | time3:00 PM - 4:00 PM

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Just as Physicians played a major role in delivering healthcare, we can not miss the efforts of the medical coding community who backed the transformation on the administration side of healthcare. Due to Covid-19, remote coding has become new normal, which outlines some challenges like productivity and coordination between different departments. New changes in Evaluation and Management guidelines allow physicians to select E/M code without relying on the patient's history. Also, liberating the use of Telehealth Services impacted coders and compelled them to learn these new ways to code and bill for the new services amid constant policy and regulatory changes. Adoption of better techniques and RCM tools that can help HIM professionals to collaborate well for better productivity and achieve reimbursement goals with low denials can be seen as a possible solution. Going forward, HIM leaders might like to assert the shortage of skilled coders to prepare well for the future. Considering that healthcare facilities are going through a rough financial condition, this presentation will also emphasize on possible ways of achieving better financial stability.

Key Takeaways

  • How to manage and coordinate with staff working-from-home
  • Training resources and plan for equipping coders with all regulatory changes
  • Significance of growing telehealth for coding departments
  • Ways to increase productivity in post-pandemic work setting

Meet the Speaker

Christopher Lally

Christopher Lally - VP of Sales

Chris is an accomplished executive with nearly 30 years of experience in healthcare revenue cycle management, clinical documentation, SaaS, and system integration. As VP of Sales – RCM SaaS, Chris is responsible for leading new sales growth within health systems and strategic vendor partnerships. Prior to joining EZDI, Chris served as the COO, VP of Integration, and Regional President with the leading revenue cycle and documentation companies in the industry.