Meet us at Booth #7

The Ingleside Hotel | Pewaukee, WI

12-14th May, 2021


EZDI at WHIMA Annual Conference 2021

AI-based CDI, CAC and Audit in one easy-to-use platform

EZDI - Booth #7
Solutions Corner|May 12-14, 2021
Team EZDI will be showcasing our fully integrated revenue cycle management platform that gives you the ability to increase documentation and coding specialist productivity up to 45%, while growing revenue from improved case mix and risk scoring. More Info


Prioritizing CDI on the Ambulatory Side of Healthcare Facilities

Chetan Parikh - CEO, EZDI Inc
Hearthside | May 13, 2021 | 2:35 pm - 3:25 pm
With technological advances and regulatory changes, more care is shifting to outpatient settings. This necessitates CDI programs with an outpatient focus. This presentation would discuss why and how CDI process could be setup for the outpatient facility. More Info

EZDI’s Revenue Cycle Management Solutions

EZDI Computer Assisted CDI Software
Computer-Assisted CDI

Access the true potential of clinical documents with our CDI solution. Automate the review of clinical documentation and queries without using a single spreadsheet.

EZDI Computer Assisted CAC Software
Computer-Assisted Coding

Increase your coder productivity while cutting denials, missed charges, and low risk scores. Our Computer assisted Coding Solution is here to enable coders make critical decisions faster.

EZDI Computer Assisted Coding and Compliance
Coding and Compliance

EZDI medical code auditing and compliance software conducts comprehensive audits with ease. Integrate auditing into your workflow without slowing down the submission of claims.

EZDI Comprehensive Data Analytics
Healthcare Data Analytics

Healthcare Data Analytics Platform that places key organizational metrics at your fingertips. Get the visibility you have always wanted with deep analytics on your clinical operation.

EZDI's Impact on KPI's

25% - 45%

Coder productivity Increase

30% - 50%

Denials Reduction


Return on Investment (ROI)

8% - 10%

Length of Stay Variance (LOS) Decrease

1 - 3 Days

Discharged Not Finally Coded (DNFC) Decrease

3% - 7%

Case-Mix Index (CMI) Increase

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