Unlock the hidden value of your data with real-time accessibility, meaningful visualizations and expertly guided interventions

Make informed decisions by instantly acting on insight coming from your data to help you stay in total control of your key processes.


Access your Key Metrics in Real-time

ezDI engages cutting edge data warehousing and data analytics technology to record, prep, curate and present all of your data - real-time - with 100% accuracy.

This means that all of your key metrics such as CMI, DNFB/DNFC, CDI Reports, Case Management Reports, Quality Reports, Productivity Reports, etc., are all available to you at your fingertips, up-to-the-minute, on your PC, laptop, tablet, or your mobile device.

Get to the Root of your Key Metrics with Detailed Drill Down

With drill down capabilities right to the individual patient chart level, you can easily identify and investigate patient charts that are impacting key organizational metrics and employ timely interventions such as assigning charts for CDI review, DRG analysis, or internal auditing.

Provided instant feedback to coders, or engage physicians in training at the individual chart level, in just a few clicks.

Leverage Expert Analysis and Receive Timely Interventions

ezAnalytics is backed by an expert team of data scientists and domain experts who constantly analyze a wide range of data from multiple sources and configure thresholds for key metrics.

Detailed reports and analysis intervention recommendations are automatically delivered via email, or text alerts so that you can make immediate informed decisions.

Peer Comparison - Gain Intelligence to know how well you are doing when Compared to peers

The ezAnalytics platform aggregates data from multiple hospitals within the ezDI ecosystem as well as other trusted sources across the industry. Using advanced comparative analytics, each hospital is assigned a comparative peer group.

Comparison algorithms identify potential areas of improvement and help you benefit from the learnings of other hospitals similar to you.

Unlock data trapped in disparate systems - transform from data storage to business outcomes

ezAnalytics has the capability to consolidate data extracted from multiple disparate systems and provide meaningful and precious insights into your key processes.

Data generated from your disparate information systems such as patient scheduling, nursing, pharmacy, revenue cycle, quality, CDI, and compliance can all be converted into meaningful information and made available to empower you to make data-driven decisions and implement those decisions at the right time.

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