Transform Clinical Data into Quality, Compliance and Revenue Improvement Opportunities.

Automatically identify missing or incomplete diagnoses from your clinical documentation with award winning and patent pending ezCDI™(computer-assisted clinical documentation improvement software).

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#1 NLP-based
HIPAA Compliant
Clinical Documentation Improvement Software

ezCDI Features

Automate your CDI Processes

Reduce A/R and DNFB Days

Organizational metrics in one dashboard, in real-time.

Elevate documentation quality

Increase CMI & Quality Scores

Collaborate in context with your entire team.

Support accurate coding and compliance

Improve CDI staff recruiting, retention and satisfaction

Intelligent Worklists. Auto-discover cases most likely to have a query opportunity

ezCDI helps build work lists that have the highest probability of documentation improvement directly impacting reviews, reports, receivables and compliance metrics.

Provide better coverage

ezCDI builds worklists that enable CDI teams to focus on the most important cases, effectively maximizing coverage and efficiency. By leveraging technology that supports various CDI workflows, CDI efforts continue to evolve. Simultaneously, these efforts address key concepts of revenue enhancement and accurately capture the complexity of the patient population and clinical scenario.

Take action before the patient is discharged

ezCDI abstracts clinical data in real-time, suggests codes with associated evidence, and analyzes health records for conflicting, incomplete, or non-specific provider documentation, ultimately streamlining and strengthening the CDI process.

Secure, Effortless Collaboration Across the Organization

With features like “Discuss with Colleague and Electronic Queries”, collaboration with CDI, Coding and HIM professionals, physicians and auditors expedites and enhances the decision making process.

Preserve historical context

In ezCDI, conversations associated with a particular case are preserved. That way, anyone reviewing the case can quickly get up to speed the next day, the next week or even years later.

Documentation notifications and query tracking

Receive notifications as relevant documents become available. Leverage an electronic query process that integrates with physician workflow allowing automatic tracking and notification of provider response.

Real-time Visibility into CDI and Organizational Metrics

ezCDI allows continuous oversight of the CDI process by tracking CDI productivity and accuracy. It allows comparison of record volumes reviewed over length of stay. CDI and HIM supervisors are empowered to monitor every aspect of the CDI process as it occurs. ezCDI provides leadership with the power to visualize key performance indicators in a way that is easy to interpret and translate into meaningful actions.

Tell case stories with events timeline

ezCDI’s event timeline allows CDI and HIM to track all key events at a granular ‘per-case’ level.

Track key performance indicators in near real-time

ezCDI monitors key performance indicators in real-time. Always stay up-to-date on CDI coverage, query acceptance rate, CC/ MCC capture rate, Case Mix, Severity of Illness (SOI) and Risk of Mortality (ROM) levels.

Stay Mobile. Stay Productive

ezCDI is an enterprise, HIPAA compliant, cloud-based computer-assisted clinical documentation improvement solution. Enjoy the full spectrum of cloud services by staying current with CMS changes, Grouper, Reimbursement and Compliance updates easily and frequently, without charge, and without having to do the work.

Stay up-to-date all the time

Unlike traditional software that requires someone to download and install updates, ezCDI is updated automatically. You’re always using the latest and updated version.

HL7 all the way. Connect Everything, Fast

By using HL7 standards, ezCAC integrates with any healthcare system. All data required for coding is integrated. This includes: structured/unstructured data, clinical documentation, transcribed reports, scanned documents, lab data, medication administration records, and various other reports.

Innovations from the ground up. Why nothing else feels like ezCDI

ezCDI is designed from the ground-up, specifically to analyze digitized healthcare data, identify documentation gaps and make it easily available to clinical document improvement and Health Information Management professionals. Everything is designed to work seamlessly together in a massively scalable cloud-based infrastructure.

Proactive virtual CDI assistant

Based on the clinical indicators, codes and clinical evidence commonly used to query physicians; ezCDI is able to provide intelligent suggestions supporting query opportunities.

Award winning Natural Language Processing Platform (NLP)

ezCDI is powered by ezNLP™, which unlocks the value within clinical documents, extracting hidden insights, documentation gaps and making connections to support cost-effective health care and quality outcomes

You know how to use it, the moment you see it

Based on the clinical indicators, codes and clinical evidence commonly used to query physicians; ezCDI is able to provide intelligent suggestions supporting query opportunities.

All your tools in one place

Unlike traditional software that requires switching between multiple windows for various functions, ezCDI integrates all elements needed to query physicians (i.e. the health record, clinical indicators, clinical evidence pertaining to codes, coding references, querying functions, edits, grouping and pricing) into a single window ensuring easy access.

Zero Learning Curve – No manuals

With it’s simple design, ezCDI requires virtually no training for HIM and CDI professionals. ezCDI also ensures fast and easy access to online assistance.

Radically simple. You know how to use it, the moment you see it

Each and every element of the ezCAC User Interface is intuitive. ezCAC is designed in the most simplistic way possible to ensure maximum access to the resources you need through minimal keystrokes, minimal mouse clicks and virtually no learning curve.

Single page application

Unlike traditional software that requires you to switch between multiple windows for various functions, ezCAC integrates all resources needed for accurate coding into a single page.

Find relevant information fast

Everything in ezCDI – patient case details, suggested codes, clinical indicators are automatically indexed and searchable. With one search box and a set of powerful search operators, you can slice and dice clinical data without any support from IT.

ezCDI Security

The AWS cloud infrastructure has been architected to be one of the most flexible and secure cloud computing environments available today. It provides an extremely scalable, highly reliable platform that enables customers to deploy applications and data quickly and securely.

AWS’s world-class, highly secure data centers utilize state-of-the art electronic surveillance and multi-factor access control systems. Data centers are staffed 24×7 by trained security guards, and access is authorized strictly on a least privileged basis. Environmental systems are designed to minimize the impact of disruptions to operations. And multiple geographic regions and Availability Zones allow ezDI web products to remain resilient in the face of most failure modes, including natural disasters or system failures.

The AWS virtual infrastructure has been designed to provide optimum availability while ensuring complete customer privacy and segregation. For a complete list of all the security measures built into the core AWS cloud infrastructure, platforms, and services, please read Overview of Security Processes whitepaper.

The Essential Guide to Buying Clinical Documentation Improvement (CDI) Software

This guide provides a data-driven approach when selecting Clinical Documentation Improvement (CDI) software for your Health Information Management (HIM) and Clinical Document Improvement (CDI) departments. This guide is for decision makers such as the Director, Health Information Management, CDI Director/Manager, Coding Director/Manager, IT Executives, Revenue Cycle Management and Chief Financial Officer, that are typically involved in evaluating CDI software solutions.

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