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ezCDI Essential is a no-nonsense CDI software designed by CDI professionals for CDI departments.

ezDI can deliver best-in-class CDI software to hospital CDI teams in a matter of hours at an economical price. B​ring the CDI team, an Encoder, Physician Queries and CDI metrics together in single easy-to-use application. It empowers the CDI team to maximize chart reviews and send pertinent physicians queries with 2-3 mouse clicks within a convenient user interface.

ezCDI Essential incorporates electronic code books and encoder components that are fundamental for a CDI specialist to function at peak performance.

MS-DRG and all specialty groupers are available as add-ons, based on hospital requirements.

P​rovide CDI leadership with pivotal capabilities like configurable worklists, work assignment and prioritization capability.

The most powerful CDI software

  Included in base user license Some Included in base user license $Additional fee applies Not Included
ezCDI Features Essential
Manage CDI case assignment better.
Sort and Filter worklist cases based on case status, FIFO, LIFO
Search worklist by patient demographic information
Prioritize worklist with predictive query opportunity scoring
Case assignment and routing (Manual or FIFO or LIFO or Case Value etc..)
Create worklist or workqueue distribution (based on Payer, Bed, Floor, Patient Class and more...)
Collect patient census data in near real-time using ADT interface
Clinical Document Improvement workflow integration and automation.
Flag cases that are ready for CDS review based on document availability
CDI workflow integration for concurrent Initial and Follow-up reviews, Activity feed
Design and/ or integrate current CDI templates
Send CDI queries to Physician directly into Electronic Health Record (EHR)
Automatically reconcile CDI and Coding Cases and flag for mismatch
Capture verbal queries and print physician queries
CDI summary sheet
Mortality case reviews
Review cases and generate queries.
One consolidated view of clinical notes, labs, medication data and nurses notes
Capture CDI notes
Automatically abstract clinical indicators
Auto-suggest queries with query templates
Electronic Physician Queries
Generate Initial DRG, Working DRG and Query DRG
Generate SOI and ROM score
Complete Cases, Schedule for follow-up or send for reconciliation
Report missing document
Collaborate with colleague
Receive notification for changes in patient census
Receive notification for LOS variance and reconciliation mismatch
Receive notification for physician query response
Grouping and reimbursement edits such as LCDs, NCDs, MNE, CCI and more
Abstract data for PCS codes such as surgery start or stop time and more
Case Collaboration and Deficiency Management.
Integrated code books
Ability to search and add codes based on abbreviations, terms and codes
Integrated coding references such as CPT assistant, coding clinics, dictionary and more...
Ability to group using MS-DRG or APCs
Ability to group using 3M APR DRG or EAPGs
Grouping and reimbursement edits such as LCDs, NCDs, MNE, CCI and more...
Integration with TruCode Encoder (Active contract with TruCode required)
Integration with 3M Encoder (Active contract with 3M required)
Dashboard and Reporting.
Data Reconciliation Reports
SOI and ROM Reports
CDI query status tracking
Physician response time
Physician response rate
CDI Impact on Case-Mix-Index
CDI Performance
CDI Coverage
User onboarding.
EHR agnostic and integration using HL7
Scheduled product updates (Brings new features and functionalities)
On-site training and implementation
Unlimited web-based training
Ability to store data for 7 years or more
HIPAA compliant software solution
Ability to access system with any Web Browser without requiring VPN/ Citrix
Cloud-based, Software-as-a-Service

Wyoming Medical Center

“My first thought when I saw the product demo was, “With ezDI, we are at 3 clicks or less. CDI and Coders can track what documents they’re waiting for and when the missing document crosses over from our EMR into ezDI, our CDI/Coding staff are electronically notified, which wasn’t possible previously.”

~ Nick Belveal, Director Health Information Management

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