Enhance reimbursement and quality through data driven, actionable insights.

ezDITM analysts and consultants perform in-depth analysis of a hospital’s KPIs, including Case Mix Index (CMI), Coder and CDI Productivity, Denials and a host of other metrics.

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Case Mix Index

Case Mix Index (CMI) is the average of DRG weights of all inpatients.


Did You Know?

  • 14-site hospital system lost $3M in reimbursement in a year from an unspecified code (F32.9), where more specific code (F32.3) could have been assigned.

CMI Consulting

  • Improve CMI by analysing high-impact MS-DRG pairs
  • Identifying reasons for any increase or decrease in CMI
  • Comparison of a Hospital’s CMI against National, State and Regional Peer group.
  • Identification of the top 10 MS-DRGs within a fiscal year.
  • Comparison of the Geometric Mean Length of Stay (GMLOS) to the Actual Length of Stay (ALOS) for the top 10 MS-DRGs, with impact and opportunity assessment.
  • Tracking of trends in patient mix (total cases, medical/surgical cases).

Coder/CDIS Productivity

Coder Productivity is defined as the time required to code a patient record.

Coder/CDIS Productivity Consulting

  • Benchmark productivity levels to determine the gaps
  • Productivity level analysis by individual Coder/CDIS
  • AI-based optimization modeling on past data designed to enhance current Coder/CDIS productivity and accuracy levels
  • Coder Productivity by service lines, LOS, DRGs

Did You Know?

  • 271-bed hospital identified 25% increase in coder productivity level, and thus savings of $276K with analytics driven case allocation. This was in addition to 47% increase with CAC adoption.


Denial is the refusal by payor to honor a request of a provider to pay for healthcare services.


Did You Know?

  • Approximately 9% ($262 billion) of hospital charges in 2016 were initially claim denials. However, roughly $165B of denied claims were recoverable.

Denials Consulting

  • Manage denials by knowing potential “at risk” MS-DRGs in advance
  • Uncover and eliminate root causes for Denials
  • List of denied claims that are likely to be appealed based on higher rate of approval
  • Denials analysis by service line/MDCs, CDS, coder, physician, top 10 DRGs


Detailed analysis will be conducted on following KPIs and shared with the provider in order to achieve efficiencies and prevent any revenue leakage in the existing processes:

  • DNFC days
  • LOS Variance
  • 30- day Readmission cases

Did You Know?

  • A 271 beds hospital enhanced its cashflow by $2.3M by decreasing its DNFC from 7.6 days to 4.7 days (38% drop)

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