Guaranteed TAT, Accuracy and Savings
on Medical Transcription Services Since 2004

ezMediscribes delivers the power to improve patient care with high-quality clinical documentation with the ability to add mission critical products and services including Computer-assisted Coding (CAC), Automated CDI, Data mining and Clinical Analytics. Our team of seasoned transcriptionists focus on delivering quality benchmark of 99%+ accuracy on each transcribed report.

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Benchmarked quality of 99%+ accurately transcribed reports forms the basis of ezMediscribes. ezMediscribes provides users with the power to improve patient care through complete clinical documentation and the ability to add mission critical products and services such as Computer-assisted Coding (CAC), Automated CDI, data mining and clinical analytics.

Why ezMediscribes?

  • Guaranteed 99%+ accuracy and TAT, or it’s free!
  • Up to 50% savings in existing transcription cost
  • Interfaces and workflow optimization/automation
  • Unique onboarding program for your MTs
  • Strong customer advocacy

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Your Transcription Solutions Partner

Mediscribes is a premier healthcare informatics and clinical documentation provider transforming the patient story into meaningful and actionable data since 2004.

Headquartered in Louisville, we provide intuitive solutions, focusing on positively impacting the healthcare customer’s entire clinical documentation and revenue cycle operations.

Customer Centric

Since 2004, we have provided our transcription services to a large number of healthcare institutions (health systems, hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare facilities). Our case studies and testimonials speak towards the positive impact we have made for our valuable customers.

We value your trust in us and we always ensure the best solutions for - you!

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User-friendly Dictation Methods

ezMediscribes offers a wide range of dictation services that include telephone, DVRs, PC-based software, and smartphone dictation solutions. Dictator IDs, greetings and prompts can be converted into the Mediscribes system in order to mitigate change for providers.

Our Systems

ezMediscribes incorporates international standards (ISO 9001, ISO 27001, and Six Sigma principles) and uses state-of-the-art web-based dictation, transcription, and document management system to ensure optimum quality.

We deliver a seamless transition for our customers by adopting implementation strategies, a task-oriented approach, 24X7 customer care, and IT support.  Moreover, ezMediscribes maintains 100% accuracy in tracking transcriptions.

ezMedscribes  employs a 256-bit SSL encryption for all file transfers and routine site-to-site VPN configurations  for secure data exchanges (between Louisville’s data center and customer networks).

Transcriptionist Onboarding Program

ezMediscribes’ onboarding program ensures the skills of current in-house transcriptionists are utilized and that they continue to transcribe for your physicians but maintaining them on the Mediscribes’ payroll.

ezMediscribes provides an excellent work environment including work from home option and flexible hours. Freed up office space  can be effectively utilized  for more value-added work because there wouldn’t be a need to hire/manage an MT team, or worry about load balancing for MTs, O/T, and PTO.

ezMediscriber (Dictation Management System)

ezMediscriber improves the efficiency and productivity of the dictation process through a secure and user-friendly dictation/transcription workflow system. The system integrates with any EMR system, is easily scalable, and can emulate all dictation system prompts and function keys.

ezDocPortal (Document Management System)

ezDocPortal is a web-driven, file-monitoring interface that works in conjunction with the Mediscribes Dictation Management system, allowing real-time monitoring, review and editing of transcriptions. A simple login can enable access to the secure, privacy and confidentiality protected web based application to review, edit, print and digitally sign transcribed records. It sorts and retrieves reports through helpful criteria searches. ezDocPortal’s built-in media player facilitates the online listening of dictations. The application eliminates time/location access constraints with enhanced security protection.

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Integrated platforms, Redundant systems

Speech Recognition

A powerful speech recognition engine positions ezMediscribes to deliver on the committed TAT and guaranteed savings on transcription costs.

Interfaces and Workflow Automation

ezMediscribes’ end-to-end document management system enables real-time tracking of all dictations and transcripts with a complete audit trail and version control. With it’s EHR interfacing capabilities, ezMediscribes ensures smooth HL7 interfacing/pooling of ADT information and uninterrupted delivery of transcribed reports.

Disaster Management

ezMediscribes ensures automated backup, zero data loss, and almost 100% uptime by placing highly secure 256-bit SSL HIPAA compliant servers (with redundancy and disaster configurations) in different geographical locations and using expandable central data storage with daily backups.


ezMediscribes employs connectivity with client servers using secure connections such as VPN, Citrix, Juniper, Cisco, and more. All dictation and transactions occur via a secure 256-bit SSL encryption ensuring zero footprints on end-user systems.  The ezMediscribes CTO manages development and maintenance of effective educational programs for training internal staff and external clients on HIPAA and healthcare data security compliance.

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See a minimum 15% reduction in your current transcription costs!

Annual Fixed-cost Model
We review your annual transcription costs, analyze and seek cost reduction and propose a monthly fixed-cost model that guarantees savings and allows improved budget/cost forecasting.

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No Startup Cost
Zero capital investment with a rapid return on investment, assured savings on transcription costs and alleviating costly real estate requirements ensures that you are free to leverage your budgeted resources where they need to be.

HR and Real Estate Costs Savings
ezMediscribes’ Transcriptionist Onboarding Program ensures that you won’t need to hire and manage an MT team or worry about load balancing for MTs, O/T, PTO. Your Real Estate can be utilized for higher value-added work.

Quality Processes

Certification program for transcriptionists for individual physicians on their protocols, preferences and account specifics

High-end, technologically-enabled dictation and transcription platform with a built-in QA feature and dashboards

Closed-loop coordination system between customer care, operations and concurrent quality assurance

A process of retrospective QA wherein sampling is done on completed jobs per AHDI guidelines and data is used for continuous quality improvement (CQI)

Quality improvement projects carried out by using Lean Six Sigma principles

24X7 customer care support to ensure timely resolution of issues

Quality & TAT Guarantee
(free if report quality <99% or doesn’t meet TAT)

ezMediscribes’ Brand Promise

We understand the value of accurate and timely documentation for quality patient care.

This is why we deliver 99%+ accuracy while meeting client-specific report turnaround times.

We also guarantee savings on your annual transcription cost with our unique ‘fixed-cost’ billing model which helps you forecast, plan and optimize your budgeting processes. We focus on reducing current transcription costs by a minimum of 15%!

We are AVAILABLE for YOU 24×7, 365 days!

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Quality Processes

We follow a focused and disciplined quality improvement process based on Lean Six Sigma methodologies comprising of DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control).

We strive for zero defect processes to achieve the required accuracy (per AHDI) and TAT with minimal waste!

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We are supported with a strong customer advocacy with
>94% net promoter score!
Customer Centric

Since 2004, we have provided our transcription services to a large number of healthcare institutions (health systems, hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare facilities). Our case studies and testimonials speak towards the positive impact we have made for our valuable customers.

We value your trust in us and we always ensure the best solutions for - you!

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