Collaborate in context with your entire team


Engage your team

@mention allows users to instantly get in touch with a colleague for assistance. ezCAC Comments enables users to collaborate within the context of the case within an entire team.

Report a Missing Document and Keep Going

Report a missing document right from your workspace and have ezCAC automatically notify you as soon as the document arrives.

Integrated Physician Queries

ezCAC comes with AHIMA-compliant interactive electronic queries to help ensure compliance and consistency across the organization. Generate and send queries to Physician Inbox with just one click.

ezCAC Features

Intelligent worklists

Get organized. Know when to take an action. Eliminate workarounds.

Auto Code Suggestions

Better, Faster and Compliant Medical Coding.

Dashboards and Reports

Organizational metrics in one dashboard, in real-time.



Collaborate in context with your entire team.