Intelligent worklist

Get organized. Know when to take an action. Eliminate workarounds.


Prioritize Cases. Fast.

Wish you could automatically assign cases with less stress about the impact on DNFB? This is easily accomplished with ezCAC’s cloud-based worklist management tool. Create rules for case auto-allocation, configure case priorities, manage team collaborative worklists and effectively work with your team to prioritize cases and promote efficiency  – all in one intuitive platform.

Organize your work with Worklist Buckets.

ezCAC worklist buckets makes it easy to efficiently manage all cases during every stage of the coding process. It keeps you up-to-date on how cases are progressing so you can quickly prioritize and focus on get things done.

Find relevant cases fast with intuitive search.

Sometimes it can be overwhelming to see all available cases when what you need is a specific subset. With ezCAC case filters and google-like predictive search, it’s very easy to find the exact case you need, when you need it.

ezCAC Features

Intelligent worklists

Get organized. Know when to take an action. Eliminate workarounds.

Auto Code Suggestions

Better, Faster and Compliant Medical Coding.

Dashboards and Reports

Organizational metrics in one dashboard, in real-time.



Collaborate in context with your entire team.