Verifiable and trackable ROI with Coder Productivity Gains, Reduction in Denials, Decrease in DNFB and Improvement in CMI.


Today more than ever, it’s a must for I/P, O/P as well as Ambulatory hospitals to bill correctly for services provided. Key to success is to have trust in your CDI and coding processes. If you upcode, you expose your facility to potential penalties and denials. If you undercode, you hinder your own financial revenue. Achieving accurate coding operations requires a proven approach backed by innovative technology to optimize productivity and reimbursement. ezDI provides trusted solutions and technology-enabled software to help your organization ensure compliance and optimize revenue to fund your mission

All in one package

All together, ezDI is able to deliver impressive results for our clients. ezDI clients observe tremendous boosts in coder productivity and physician agreement rates, phenomenal gains in DRG accuracy as well as Case-Mix Index and dramatic drops in DNFC days, medical necessity denials and hospital-acquired conditions.

  • Proven Success with Greater Revenue Capture for I/P, O/P & Ambulatory Hospitals:
    ezDI’s proprietary NLP engine with built-in DRG Analysis tool helps coders capture specific codes leading to reimbursement appropriate to the level of care provided to patients. It even increases CC/MCC capture rate leadings to higher CMI. ezDI solutions has resulted in CMI improvement of our clients by 3‑7%. ezDI delivers all innovative services aided by best technology, comprehensive program security, accurate & compliant documentation and an world class infrastructure to sustain positive results.

  • Faster and productive coders mean faster cash flow
    ezDI’s superior NLP-based technology suggests code automates manual task which enhances coder’s productivity and auto generated specific codes improves coding quality. Features like Worklist prioritization enables coders to focus on high value charts, placing more emphasis on optimized cash flow. ezDI Clients have experienced DNFC days reduce by 30-50%. It also enables you to achieve economies of scale in coder and CDI staffing.

  • ROI
    Our clients typically realize a return on investment within 4 months and experience 10X return on costs

  • Intuitive CFO Dashboards
    ezDI’s specially inbuilt CFO dashboard includes DNFC Dashboard which gives real-time visibility of the DNFC cases and quantifies the DNFC Dollars. ezDI DNFC analysis dashboard clearly shows what cases are affecting the DNFC and identifies the reason for the case being on hold. It further includes ezDI’s CMI Dashboard which given real-time visualization of the hospital’s CMI and key factors impacting it. CFO Dashboard also includes LOS variance dashboard which shows real-time visualization the LOS Variance w.r.t GMLOS. It shows Real-time identification of cases where the LOS has exceeded the assigned GMLOS can help efficient discharge planning.