Simple, easy-to-use with minimal training. Decreases onboarding and ramp-up time for coders, while improving coder recruiting, retention and satisfaction.


EZDI seamlessly integrates computer-assisted CDI, computer-assisted coding, analytics and quality metrics into a single cloud-based application to capture, analyze and generate evidence based results to make your organization more efficient and compliant. EZDI’s unique and proven approach to hospitals backed by proprietary NLP technology and artificial intelligence ensures your organization captures accurate clinical stories for each patient.

Why EZDI solutions?

EZDI solutions uses NLP to read & review entire patient chart and auto-generates codes,queries as well as identifies key quality metrics such as patient safety indicators (PSIs), HAC’s and others concurrent with the patient’s stay. This gives your organization an opportunity ‘prior to billing’ to identify any coding, documentation or compliance errors. Additionally on the spot, our built-in analytics gives you drill down root-cause identification capability.


  • Integrated and streamlined workflows for coders and CDIS to work concurrently
  • Improving workflow efficiencies for accurate, complete and compliant data
  • Expanding CDI coverage upto 100% to include all payers.
  • Enhanced capability to capture and address quality impact and
  • Prepare your facility for value based reimbursement.
  • Boost team Communication and Collaboration between coders, CDI, Quality and Physician.
  • Meeting your financial targets by reviewing more cases


  • Automated review on all your Patient Charts. Review starts as soon as patients enter your facility
  • Worklist Prioritization: Customized list of cases that CDI & coders need to focus on w.r.t high reimbursement, query opportunities and others
  • Simple and Efficient process for Physician to respond to Queries
  • Provides early notification when documentation is insufficient
  • Offers a complete list of role-specific, at-a-glance real time dashboards and reporting capabilities
  • Real time tracking of impact to reimbursement
  • And Many More