The IT Dilemma

Hospital IT departments are acutely familiar with the evaluate, buy, build and manage product cycle. Your organization relies on your IT department to manage various disparate systems that hold critical clinical, operational and financial business information.

Every IT team is overwhelmed with hardware and software installation and maintenance, an endless queue of system upgrades, disaster recovery planning and support tickets from the stakeholders across the organization. This should sound quite familiar.

“Data security is our top priority. The services, software and the security solution deployed by ezDI would be very difficult for me to do in-house. Typically, I have to engage third party security vendors to audit our security performance and our security posture. I am confident that this application is developed and housed in talented hands and my data is secure. The second notable accomplishment, we have had much greater IT staff availability since ezCAC requires no IT support. Also, we have not had any downtime whatsoever since we have been live."

— Chris Ryan | CIO, Auburn Community Hospital

The Solution

With ezDI, your IT team simply configures HL7 interfaces so you can be up and running in a matter of weeks.  ezDI follows Agile development methodology with bimonthly releases, achieved over-the-air with no downtime, or updates necessary on the client side. That makes it easy to use new features quickly, without the need for the IT department to refresh your software.  Essentially, ezDI does all the heavy lifting without requiring organizational IT resources to maintain servers, install updates, ensure security/reliability/scalability, and business continuity.



With ezDI’s intuitive HL7 integration tools, it is rather easy to facilitate the movement of clinical, financial and operational data securely from EHR systems and other disparate sources. ezDI’s Secure Agent application eliminates the need for slow, unreliable point-to-point VPNs and allows staff to connect with ezDI’s cloud-based application securely over the Internet. With the Secure Agent application, deployment can be accomplished with lightning efficiency. It is as simple as downloading and installing a client on any virtual machine, mapping files segments and setting up send and receive addresses.


With ezDI’s HL7 integration engine and a dedicated test environment for every hospital customer, your ability to test anytime is at will to include larger than normal data sets and complete end-to-end workflows. All testing is performed using EHR vendor/customer provided HL7 interface specifications on fields for specific values, data patterns, data formats, data flows and complex HIM and Revenue Cycle management workflows.


Because ezDI applications are within a classic cloud deployment, the time to configure a new customer in the application is sharply reduced. Rather than installing and networking server-grade hardware and configuring end-user desktops, the application has no browser dependencies and as such, users can use Internet Explorer/Firefox/Chrome/Safari. Not only does this significantly reduce the overall implementation time, but outside of interfaces, no IT resources are required to roll-out ezDI applications - or in support of CDI and Coding assets.


Since users access ezDI’s cloud applications on web browsers anytime, anywhere - with approved credentials - and the applications are intuitive and coder and CDI centric, user adoption is quick and simple without the need for lengthy training. ezDI does provide on-site assessment-based training that covers all required workflows. ezDI applications also provide assistive and integrated support features to help users navigate the applications.


With every new update or upgrade, almost all healthcare legacy software typically requires downtime due to install, test, deploy, bug-fixes and end-user training. Save additional time and money by reducing the need for your IT personnel to spend days working on software or server upgrades. ezDI pushes out seamless, automatic, frequent and incremental upgrades to keep applications up-to-date, compliant and secure without the need for CDs, server maintenance, or any downtime.

A Solution for Every Role


Verifiable and trackable ROI with Coder Productivity Gains, Reduction in Denials, Decrease in DNFB and Improvement in CMI.

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No data center footprint/server installation and completely eliminate IT support for all hospital staff members involved in the coding workflow.

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Simple, easy-to-use with minimal training. Decreases onboarding and ramp-up time for coders, while improving coder recruiting, retention and satisfaction.

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