Enhanced Focus and Reduced Complexity: Announcing the Rebranding of EZDI

The new EZDI brand provides improved product features, enabling the future growth of a suite of feature-rich, easy-to-use, and rightly priced software for mid-RCM professionals.

ezDI is now EZDI

LOUISVILLE, Ky., April 21, 2021 – ezDI announces the rebrand to EZDI to meet the growing needs of customers in the healthcare industry. Following the breakout growth of the company’s AI-assisted CDI, Coding, Compliance Auditing, and Analytics software, EZDI has expanded its possibilities. EZDI’s products help healthcare organizations recognize missed reimbursement opportunities and curb coding errors.

EZDI aims to remove the complexity from the existing unstructured data in the healthcare industry. The rebranding embodies the company’s strategic commitment to meet the need for robust mid RCM solutions, deploying a unified platform for seamless workflows.

With seamless navigation, the new website highlights the most important aspects, featuring an elegant design. Just as the state-of-the-art NLP powered computer assisted coding software highlights relevant codes in the document, the website emulates an identical look, bearing more clarity about the product offering. The software aids CDI specialists, Coders, Auditors, and HIMs in identifying missed opportunities with AI while also performing code audits and helping managers gain insight into key organizational metrics.

  1. Computer-Assisted Clinical Documentation
  2. Computer-Assisted Coding
  3. Computer-Assisted Coding Compliance
  4. Comprehensive Data Analytics
  5. Clinical NLP APIs

Encompassing the four major offerings under one platform, the rebranding of EZDI echoes their value propositions:

  • Concise information from cluttered data
  • Highlighting what matters
  • Meet compliance
  • Insights and key metrics

"We are obsessed with delighting customers and optimizing our solutions to meet their needs. We are doing our life's best work to make sure the best care is provided to patients. With every member of our team invested in finding the best possible solution for our clients, it fills me with gratitude when I say that we have never had a dissatisfied customer in our 15 years of existence"

Chetan Parikh, CEO of EZDI
About EZDI, Inc.

By designing a next-generation clinical NLP engine supporting advanced documentation and coding functions, EZDI turned their vision to reality. Their CAC and CDI solutions received tremendous feedback, providing system accuracy and ease of use. EZDI removes the data complexity and highlights what matters for healthcare professionals.

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