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Data Annotation

  • ezNLP for data annotation is a cognitive data annotation and labeling service designed to allow organizations to unlock critical information in unstructured data.
  • This unstructured data can include physician notes, discharge summaries, and pathology reports, using natural language processing to deliver domain-specific insights about information, such as symptoms, disease, allergies, and medication, to help drive insights for care.
80% of data in the healthcare domain is unstructured, making it inaccessible to traditional analytics solutions without manual intervention. Accessing the data requires significant manual intervention, which limits the quantity of useable data and its impact on an organization's decision making. Understanding text in the healthcare domain requires a deep understanding of healthcare terminology to unlock its potential. We provide human resources to help you label and annotate your healthcare data to improve your AI engine.
  • 100s of people available to deploy to start annotating your data.
  • This can be scaled to 1000s
  • Platform to annotate is designed with PHI in mind
  • Extraction of concepts from any source of unstructured text in de-identified medical records
  • Highly customizable platform, providing the ability to tailor annotations to distinct healthcare use cases

Image Annotation

  • AI-enabled systems are not going to completely replace human medical experts, rather they will enhance their capabilities and effectiveness by automating the most repetitive activities that are homogeneous and prone to errors.
  • AI-backed Machines use the computer vision to detect patterns and correlate the same with medical imaging data to identify possible diseases and prepare reports after analysis.
  • Our Image Annotation services can help enhance your AI engine.
  • X-Ray, CT Scan, MRI and other image-based test reports can be easily screened to predict various ailments.
  • Healthly.AI is helping the AI-enabled companies to create training data sets and develop cutting-edge machine learning algorithms for healthcare industry.
  • Our Healthcare trained workforce helps annotate images using a series of manual processes and high-end technology software to offer a faster scale healthcare image annotation to build your models.
  • Scale to 1000s of people to manage any size of database.

Medical Transcription

  • We deliver accurate and timely medical transcription services. Otherwise, you don't pay. It is that simple.
  • ezNLP consistently meets clients' turnaround time with more than 99% accuracy.
  • Our U.S. based transcriptionists are highly trained and experienced in medical terminology, medications, tests and diagnosis.
  • Our customer service representatives are available for your support 24/7.
  • We guarantee savings with our unique "fixed-cost" billing model which allows you to better plan and optimize your budget.
  • We're committed to helping your organization reduce its transcription costs by at least 15%.
  • Our Services includes
    • Medical Transcription
    • Faxing
    • Printing
    • EMR Insertion
    • Integration with EMRs/EHRs

Transcribe Conversations

  • Technology companies, Pharmaceutical firms, CROs, health care executives and biotech companies need transcription of their most confidential and sensitive dictations and conversations with accuracy and reliability.
  • We ensure to provide you that transcription of conversations in a specific format as requested by you.
  • To provide you with the highest quality transcription of your conversations  we only utilize expert transcribers who are experts in healthcare.
  • Start with a few people and scale to 1000s depending on your needs
  • You control the work and hence the cost.

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