The Next Milestones in Outpatient CDI: Tips & Tools For Building a Successful Program

Duration: 10 mins

As a CDI specialist, you may use the words ‘Outpatient’ and ‘Ambulatory’ interchangeably due to the common use of terms like ‘ambulatory surgery’ and ‘ambulatory clinics’. But, outpatient care is a much broader term encompassing any healthcare service provided to a patient who is not admitted as an inpatient to a hospital or facility.

For many, Outpatient CDI remains ambiguous. The host, Gretchen Manica, explores the possibilities in Outpatient CDI with insights from the industry expert: Jennifer Boles.

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Podcast Guest

Jennifer A. Boles, BS, CPC, CRC

Baptist Health Medical Group - Coding Liaison and Educator
Jennifer is an experienced Ambulatory CDI Manager, Specialty Coder, and Auditor with a demonstrated history of working with Medical Groups & the healthcare industry. She has a strong educational background with a Bachelor's degree focused in General studies Math and Science from Indiana university southeast.

Podcast Host

Gretchen Manica LinkedIn

Gretchen Manica - Sales Coordinator, EZDI

Gretchen is on a mission to help Hospitals & Health Systems reduce Revenue Cycle Management and Operations Cost. She is a seasoned Regional Sales Manager with a demonstrated history of working in the hospital & health care industry.