Leverage AI to monitor and manage quality measures real-time on a single platform

An all-encompassing platform providing end-to-end workflow across an institution.

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ezMeasures Overview

In today’s healthcare ecosystem, value has replaced volume as the focal point of business. Services and payments are bundled, and maintenance of electronic medical records eliminates repetitions and manual errors. While hospitals are proactively adopting value-based care, lack of clarity into process and data continues to be a pressing concern.

ezMeasures is a multifaceted measurement and monitoring product of ezDI’s value-based healthcare suite. It automates patient qualification with inclusion/exclusion algorithms and provides real-time alerts to CDS, coding, and auditors. It is also critical for enterprise reporting.

ezMeasures Benefits

Concurrent Quality Review Technology to Qualify patients real-time

ezMeasures’ NLP capabilities helps identify gaps in communication and documentation by pointing out unclear and unspecified data and diagnoses. With a streamlined and automated query process in place, hospitals can plug the gaps and provide specific services to the patients.

Intelligent Quality Worklist Prioritization

ezMeasures leverages the power of AI to help the CDI team identify and convey early warning indicators to the quality teams. This enables hospitals to classify patients based on risk and formulate treatment modules accordingly. Additionally, integrated analytics helps optimize the workflow and processes.

End-to-end workflow between CDI, Coding, Quality, and Physicians

ezMeasures provides institution-wide workflow visibility and ensures the quality, CDI, coding, and finance teams are in sync. In doing so, there is greater visibility into the patient chart. The constant communication between the quality and CDI teams helps preempt and resolve problems and improve quality of care.

Ensure compliance and improve quality scores

ezMeasures is critical to improving compliance through well-defined audit trails that deliver a clear line of sight between quality, documentation, clinical evidence, medical necessity, and code. Thorough measurement procedures result in tangible growth in a hospital’s profile and quality scores.

Real-time analytics to support informed decision making

ezMeasures’ analytics capabilities provide clarity on Key Performing Indicators (KPIs) and enables detailed root cause analysis for that promote. These include, but is not limited to, analysis of PSIs, HACs, CDI and quality consistency, denials reasons. The resulting real-time picture allows decision-makers to formulate progressive short- and long-term strategies.

ezMeasures Impact

Reduction in reported Patient Safety Indicators

Reduction in reported Patient Safety

Improvement in SOI/ROM Quality Measures

Improvement in SOI/ROM Quality Measures

Decrease in penalties such as Readmissions, HACs, and VBP

Decrease in penalties such as Readmissions, HACs, and VBP

Improved Quality Reporting and Hospital stature in the public domain

Improved Quality Reporting and Hospital stature in the public domain

Reduction in IT efforts in preparing and reporting data

Reduction in IT efforts in preparing and reporting data

ezMeasures Features

A Fully integrated, Cloud-based Product

ezMeasures is born-in-cloud and is a fully integrated healthcare platform. These aspects make the product more effective and future-proof while making it easy to use.

Scalable and Configurable SaaS

ezMeasures is easily configured and can be scaled as per the user’s requirement.

Proprietary AI and ML Algorithms

ezMeasures uses proprietary AI and ML algorithms, making it a robust monitoring and measurement tool.

Effective Heavy

ezMeasures has the capability of achieving steep targets. It is capable of processing two million transactions, 200,000 codified facts accepted, and 6,000 encounters per day.

ezMeasures Modules

These modules are available individually or as a complete package:

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