Impact of Leveraging Computer-Assisted CDI and Coding in Ambulatory Division

Our Results at Vidant North (Inpatient)


I/P Coder Productivity




Case-Mix-Index (CMI)


Total Impact

Have you thought about how your clinical operations are affecting your financial outcomes?

Payers are auditing clinical documentation more often before and after payment.

The majority of denials are related to coding discrepancies.

Physician coding patterns are being heavily scrutinized for accuracy.

Risk scoring has become a critical driver of all value-based payment programs.

Experienced coding and documentation specialists are in high demand.

Vidant Health Ambulatory Overview

Outpatient Components
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Outpatient Annual Revenue
0 %
Patient Revenue is Outpatient

With EZDI, you can expect


Increased productivity for coders and documentation specialists.


Reduction in
coding-related denials.


Acceptance of clinical documentation when reviewed before or after payment.


Charts can go directly from physician coding to billing without coder review

How would this impact your bottom line?


Increased Risk Score Capture

through better capture of HCCs.


Reduced Labor Costs

With increased coder productivity and reduction in volume of claims being reviewed after physician coding.


Reduced Denials Cost

with improved coding accuracy.

What would be the solution cost?

$15,750 per month

Based on the average monthly outpatient volume of approximately 40k claims

What if I’m not ready to commit to anything


Free Proof of Concept

  • You provide a sample of your charts and we show you what our system would have suggested
  • We give you a test account to play with sample data and see how fast it is to review documentation and coding

$10,000 Live Pilot

  • We implement software in a subset of your locations
  • We customize workflow and analytics to meet your needs
  • Your staff use our software in a limited production environment

Full Production

  • We deploy the software throughout the remainder of your locations
  • We continue to customize workflow and analytics as needed

Okay, I would like my team to learn more about EZDI