How to know if your facility needs an Outpatient CAC Tool?

with Suhas Nair and Gretchen Manica

Physician coding patterns

The Outpatient Revenue in the US healthcare facilities is growing by 9 - 12% every year. The focus is shifting from Inpatient facilities towards Outpatient Facilities, we call it the “Big Shift”. What does that mean for HIM and the Coding Community? Increase in the number of daily charts to code, shrink in the expected time to code, and much more.

Such challenges bring opportunities too, such as increased cash flow. To catch up with this big shift, facilities are moving towards technological advancement for their outpatient facilities. But understanding the matrix is the most important while making such a decision. In this webinar, Suhas Nair discusses in detail how to know if your facility requires an outpatient CAC tool, is your facility ready, and what to consider when evaluating different CAC tools.

Key Takeaways

  • “The Big Shift” - Outpatient Trend - Growth Influencing Factors
  • What does this trend mean for Coding and HIM Community?
  • Coding in the Age of Change
  • Signs you need Outpatient CAC Tool
  • Where do you rank compared to your peers?
  • What sort of CAC is viable for your Outpatient Facility

Meet the Speakers

Suhas Nair LinkedIn

Suhas Nair

Suhas Nair is a product enthusiast who is passionate about transforming real-world challenges into opportunities for product innovation. With over 15 years of experience in healthcare and technology, Suhas has delivered several SaaS products from concept to market. Suhas leverages his passion for AI by using technologies like Natural Language Processing to optimize healthcare processes and outcomes. A keen space enthusiast, he often fantasizes about the countless possibilities that exist over the horizon when he is not working.

Gretchen Manica LinkedIn

Gretchen Manica

Gretchen is on a mission to help Hospitals & Health Systems reduce Revenue Cycle Management and Operations Cost. She is a seasoned Regional Sales Manager with a demonstrated history of working in the hospital & health care industry.