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Outpatient CDI For All The Right Reasons

Duration: 60 mins

Plethora of organizations today have already made their investments in inpatient clinical documentation improvement (CDI) programs. With payers fixating further weightage on accurate documentation across the coherence, with special emphasis on ambulatory care, providers across the country are facing the question of investing in cutting-edge Ambulatory CDI initiatives.

In this webinar, the speaker talks about the Ambulatory CDI Program that focuses on accurate documentation and unmitigated coding of patients’ overall conditions. By documenting such facts better braces a provider to unmistakably lower the costs and increase the reimbursement received.

Key Takeaways

In this comprehensive yet succinct presentation, you will learn about:

  • Key differences between Inpatient CDI vs. Outpatient CDI
  • The core reason behind the move to Ambulatory CDI
  • Key offerings of an Ambulatory CDI program
    • Better revenue generation & margins
    • Payer trend to outpatient
  • How CDI leaders are leveraging Ambulatory CDI
  • Invaluable places to start a CDI program

Benefits to the stakeholders

  • Abating exposure to denials, audits, and regulatory sanctions
  • How to define patient risk precisely to brace for risk-based contracting
  • Amplifying the quality and content of claims, records, and reports
  • Leveraging tools to capture documentation of medical necessity that supports distinct services

About the Speaker

Glenn Krauss is a well-recognized and honored subject matter expert in the revenue cycle with functional emphasis and focus upon collaborating and working closely with physicians in promoting, advocating for, educating and achieving viable growth in clinical documentation that accurately reflects and reports the communication of fully informed coordinated patient care. With 25 years of hands on CDI Improvement and coding experience, Glenn deeply understands and can effectively communicate why and how the quality of medical record documentation strongly correlates with overall quality of care achieved

Glenn has demonstrated unique skill sets and core knowledge of principles and standards in best practices of clinical documentation, efficaciously and successfully driving physician engagement through proven strategies that create and foster a sustainable model for clinical documentation improvement. Recognition of clinical documentation effectiveness, accuracy, completeness, and contextual consistency as fundamentally integral and intertwined with all components of the revenue cycle is What sets Glenn apart in the diaspora of clinical documentation improvement.

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Meet the Speaker



CEO & Founder Core-CDI Co-Founder, Top Gun Audit School